Chapter 7

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Honey Lavender | leuan

I walked to my last class and my eyes widen looking at the guy staring at me.

Isn't that Jacobs brother? And his friends?

What?? When did this happen? I thought they were older, but it seems they are younger and in front of me.

If they try to bother me, I'll actually say something. That was out of school, so I can't say anything about what happened. But I can tell whatever happens here.

Someone people are scared, and I am too. But I try to get away from it and it helps by them changing a few things around.

"Sara? You good?"I turned to see my brother as he smiled.

"They? They go to our school?"I asked as he looked at me confused.

"Who? And won't we be late to class?"I sighed and shook my head looking at my class door.

"You know, I'll text you."

He walking away while I walked into my class then to my seat. I grab my phone and see him text before me.

Hamid: I saw them!!

Hamid: Jacob's brother Samuel and his friend Nick! Wtf??

Me: Honestly I didn't know their names.

Me: But stay away from them if they try to get near you.

Me: It seems they will want to follow us now since they know where we are.

Hamid: Okay.

Hamid: Shit!

Hamid: I have to turn off my phone before the teacher finds out!

Me: No cursing!

Me: And yeah, turn it off!

Me: maybe study!

Hamid: STFU!!

I turned it off and rolled my eyes. It seems that we aren't alone anymore. And it could be dangerous.

Why is this happening again? Because I kicked him and the fact we both ran away.

Well if you say I pulled or carry him then yes. But I don't understand why we have to go through this. I mean I did it for both our protection.

I think I'm thinking about this too much. Maybe I am jumping into conclusions and very confused. And confused because I haven't had enough sleep.

Yeah, blame it on sleep. There case solved. I don't have to worry about them. Right?


I walked out and saw Jin smiling at me. I waved and felt someone watching me. I turned to see my brother Hamid run to me.

"Hey, Jin, what's up?"Hamid asked as they both give a bro hug.

"Nothing how about you? Did you get the new iPhone your mom said she was going to get?"He asked as Hamid shook his head.


I turned my focus again and felt someone look at me. That's so weird. Is it them or am I hallucinating?

Because of my sleep. You know when you don't have sleep, there's always something going on. I think I might be dreaming.

"Sara?"I turned and looked at my brother who's lips were upside down.

"Are you looking for someone?"He asked me and I shook my head.

"No, let's go before we lose the bus,"I said and we walked to the bus while they both talk about games.

"I bought this dish soap and it actually smells decent."I stare at Jin and rolled my eyes.

"Seriously? Dish soap?"I asked him and he scoffed at me.

"What? I want my hands to smell good, and you need to get the nicest and freshest one out there."

I put my earphones in and let myself play my playlist. It was calming but it still made me feel something.

I shook my head ignoring whatever he's been thinking about. I turned to look at the window. I notice how friends were walking home or hanging out by the trees to get shade.

I saw a father laugh with his daughter. A mother smile with their daughter. I wish my parents were that way.

They never say anything good about me. They tell my families how bad I am, how horrible I am and how I'm just the worst human being ever existed.

Sometimes they bring in death to me. How I should've never been born, or given birth to. Sometimes told I should've just died when I had the chance.

But they've always told me this, they wished Allah never gave me to them. They wished I wasn't with them at all.

I don't know what I did wrong, I've worked so hard for everything. Keeping my own mental illness away for them to be happy. Only to feel pain and misery.

"Sara, what are you listening to?"I turned and looked at Jin who's poking my shoulder with a pencil.

"Why would you want to know?"I asked him and he took my left earphone.

He put it on his ear and was confused. He stared at me and I frowned.

"What? Is it because you don't know the language?"I asked him and he rolled his eyes.

"It sounds peaceful."

I stare at him a little shocked. I'm surprised he said it was peaceful. Usually, when I play my Dua playlist, they say how annoyingly religious I am.

How I'm utterly disgusted and how this voice gives them nightmares. I don't know why they say those things, I guess Allah knows.

"Jin, hey?"I heard a girl say and I raised an eyebrow confused where that voice came from.

"Oh, hey?"

I pulled back my earphone and put it back on. He started to sound seductive when he said that. And that's why I pulled it.

Not because I was jealous, but because I didn't want to deal with his romantic or whatever the stuff he does.

I turned my head back to the window and down to see a car in front. I didn't know what kind of car it was but it was black for sure.

It's the same one I remember seeing that one day. It does have that yellow sticker on the side of the window, which was up at the corner.

The green garage! It's them.

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