Chapter 2

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I sat in my Math class and watched the video on the projector. I swear I can't stay awake. Some calculus stuff hurts my eyes and my head.

She turned it off and started to pass our lesson. I look at the questions we have to do and my eyes widen. This much!

The bell rang and I put my things away getting up. I swear I have to stay up all night for this. And I won't be happy.

And my parents will annoy me to sleep. "Sleep is important, don't have it. Oh well, you're not going to do well."

"Seems like your lost in your thoughts,"Melissa said and I sighed holding my history book tight.

"Yeah, I'll see you in history."I started walking to my chambers class and watched the others goof around.

I'm not a great singer, to be honest. I'm not a great friend nor a great Muslim. Yet I'm trying to be one. Not a singer though. I got here since I needed arts.

"Sara I need you to see if there are any other songs from last week, in that pile."I nod at my music teacher, Mr.Falls.

"Make sure they match the same page."I started working on it and heard laughs.

"Seems like you've been out with a guy?"

I turned to see a few girls smiling at me. I shook my head and started stapling the work.

"No, I don't know who you're talking about."

What's their problem if I see a guy or something. It's not every day you see people dating, don't they? Notice my sarcasm.

"Well, Yeah. We have a fan base to him."I stapled the paper and stared at them.

"Who are you guys even talking about?"I asked them as they squeal.


That's a guy. A guy, like every other guy. He's a person. They are crazy, even he has a fan base.

"Don't know him,"I said and she frowned taking out her phone and showed me a picture.

"Yeah, he was next to you today."I shook my head and turned back to my work.

"I'm sorry, I don't know him. He stood by me. I guess, but I didn't notice. So if you would excuse me, I have something to finish."I said calmly as they nodded.

"Yes, she's good for him."

I sighed and made a smile as I finished the last packet. I pick up the pages and he smiled in his office.

"Alright, thank you."I nod as I left it on his desk and walked out seeing a picture of all of us at the concert hall.

"Yeah, I need you to figure out what's wrong with the conditioners. They haven't been working."I heard him say and walked out to sit on a chair.

I took out my phone and see the saved pictures of the problems. I grab my notebook and started doing them. It was boring but I have to finish this before I need anything else.

"Everyone, I'm on the phone. Please quiet down. The sub is coming and will take roll call."

I smiled as he waved getting out of the classroom. I watch as the students talk or run. I eventually finished twenty out of the fifty there are.

The sub was here and the bell did ring. Guess he's late on a job.

"Hold on, I'll say to get out when I say to get out."I stare at all the students groaning.

I have a break right now so, it won't cut my class. I saw him take the roll call and then slowly left the class after he called my name.

I walked to sit alone in the table. My friends don't have this break but they do have the same lunch as me. That's why I'm alone.

"I heard she's with Jin."

I put my earphones on and started listening to my music. I listen to Hindi music all over again. Exploding through my ears. I might go deaf soon.

I eventually looked at the time and packed up. I got up and walked to my class. The door was open so I walked in and sat in my physiology class.

We really don't have seating charts but I usually sit in the back to not get near people. By people, I mean the people in my class.

I turned off my music and turned off my phone. I sat getting ready for class and hear the bell ring.

I scoot my stool closer and sat without making a sound as she starts teaching. The door suddenly opened and she looked at the door. Well everyone did.

I wrote back on my notebook whatever she said before she stopped. At least this is going to help me get the things she said. Because she talks fast.

After that, I did a few color edits while they talk. Why are they so loud? I look up and see her glaring at me.

Whatever honestly. If she's going to do this all day, then waste my time.

"So..."She started again and I heard a stool moving next to me.

I turned to see Jin sitting and smirking at the class. I swear what do people see in him! Wait Jin's bring their happiness in a bad way. They don't show a path or what has been stored.

I turned back to the lesson and kept doing my notes. I felt a stare and closed my eyes. I'm so tired from this mornings math and now I have to get used to his stare.

I looked at my right to see a number. I looked at him and he smirked at me. I grabbed the paper and ripped it.

"Why did you do that?"I stare at him as he whispered in a husky voice.

"I don't like you, please give it to someone who has time for you,"I whisper and see the students staring at me.

"I seriously don't like you."I sighed and I felt some wind on my neck.

"Don't worry, I'll make you love me."

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