Chapter 10

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Lost The Game | Two Feet

"It's Friday and we have to go to masjid!"Hamid said excitedly as I frowned.

I walked out of the house to the car as he went inside. I sat in the front with my mother and she started the car. My brother turned to radio on.

"How was school?"I nod and she drove to the masjid which was only an hour away.

"I have to go get groceries first."

"And I'll be going to ninety-nine cent store to grab some snacks."I smiled as she frowned.

"Instead of eating those, why not eat rice? Kabobs? Maybe meat? You've gotten skinnier. Your ninety pounds."I stare at her as she speaks.

"See the girls in a masjid. Tall, big. And compared to you, you're small."I shook my head not listening to her words.

She does it a lot. Usually on my studies, how I look, what I wear, what I eat and what I say. I've gotten used to it.

"Mom, She's Fine. Don't say that about her. It's not her fault."She glared at him.

"And you, fatso. You sit down all day long doing nothing. Go study and make business instead of playing your stupid video games."I turned to Hamid and shook my head as he sighed.

This is also why we don't go to places with my parents. When we go they give us so much negativity we can't even count.

I just sat listening to my own music when my mother pulled my earphones off my ears.

"Stop listening to music. And read what the signs say."I stare at her and look at the street view.

"Mother you've driven here for five years, why are you asking me that?"I said and put them back on to ignore her.


"Sara, how are you?"I nod sitting next to my mother as she talks to her friends.

I stare at my phone and sighed. I saw a text and see Jin.

"Mother I'm going to the car,"I said taking the keys out of her purse which made her glare at me.

"Now? I mean we came here an hour ago."I went by her and close to her ear.

"The ladies are staring at me weird,"I said and looked at her.

"Okay go."I turned and smiled to get out of the masjid.

How did I do that? When I tell her the ladies to look at me. It means one thing. Nazar. The evil eye. And yes I'm scared of that. But I'm more scared of Allah.

I went inside the car and locked it. I opened my hot Cheetos and ate. I turned on my phone and see Jin's message.

Jin: Hey?

Me: Hey!

Jin: Are you home?

Me: No, I'm at a masjid.

Jin: A what?

Me: A mosque?

Jin: Nope still don't get it.

Me: A place where Muslims worship.

Jin: Oh...

Jin: Your Muslim?

Jin: I was wondering why there were Arabic words around your house.

Me: Yeah.

Jin: So What are you doing?

Me: I'm in the car. Since my mother was talking to her friends and I wanted to eat my snacks.

Me: And the girls aren't nice. They cause a lot of drama. So it was best for me to stay in the car.

Jin: Oh, you want to FaceTime?

Me: I'm wearing my hijab and it's dark in here. If I turned on the lights the others will know I'm in the car.

Jin: I want to see you in your hijab.

Me: Fine.

I called him on FaceTime and he smiled. I turned in a light in the car and see no one.

"I'm tired,"I said and he smiled at me.

"You look decently well with a hijab, is that right?"I nod and he looked behind himself.

"Yeah, no. I look like an egg."

He laughed while I rolled my eyes seeing someone on the window. I screeched and held my hand on my chest.

"Oh my."I glared at my brother and he smirked playfully.

I unlock the door and he opened to get in. He closed the door and I locked the doors.

"You scared me, you idiot!"I said and he laughed holding his phone.

"I got a video of it."I rolled my eyes and looked at Jin who was just staring at us.

"I'm sorry, he just scared me I thought it was one of those perverted men."

"It's cool, Hey don't you play Mortal Combat, heard the eleven is coming out."He asked my brother and he nods.

"Yeah, can't wait."He said and I looked at my brother.

"The boys said they will meet up outside later. I wanted to come since I could hear the speeches from you instead of him, and hey he was even talking about forgiveness."I rolled my eyes.

"I'll fight you when I get home,"I said and he sticks out his tongue.

"Hey, but why are you in the car? Mother said you didn't want to stay in there. Didn't you hang out with Alina and those other girls?"I shook my head.

"Honestly don't even talk about them."

"Your dad is home, I saw his car. He came into our place. Since he said he didn't know where you guys were."I stare at Jin confused.

"I texted him, I called him but he didn't answer,"I said and sit straightly and looked at the window side.

I have my phone to my brother and turned off the light. I gulped as I saw the girls get into the car next to us.

"Alina and her friends got into the car next to us."Hamid turned the light back on and stared at me.

"It doesn't matter."I turned around and glared at him.

"They only talk to me when I have food. And if they see me they won't say anything until they get up and see food."I said and he laughed.

"Wow, lucky you."He said sarcastically and I take my phone away from him.

"Anyways How are you?"I asked him and he laughed.

"I'm good, I have friends coming over tonight. Something about hanging out."I nod and eat my chips.

" are your friends Steven and Stephen?"Hamid asked and he nods.

"Yeah, why?"I stared at Jin and shook my head.

"If your friends come just tell me. I'll end the call okay. I don't want to bother you guys."He smiled.

"I mean I should count you as a...friends, I mean we hang out a lot and talk a lot. We should talk."I shook my head.

"It's not a good idea."

I heard the window knock and see my brothers friend Khalil. I opened the door and he got in to close it.

"Dude there was a last sour patch in the packet and the guys had a fight. Eventually, I ate it so they kicked me out."I laughed as he glared at me.

"Oh, your talking to a boy!"He stared at me with a smirk.

"Oh, your talking to a girl!"I smirked back and his eyes widen.

"Shut up!"

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