Chapter 20

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11 minutes | YUNGBLUD Feat Hasley

I got home and ran into my room. I changed and went to wash the blood off my arms in the bathroom.

"Are you going to make some snacks? Or should I?"I heard my brother from the bathroom door.

"I'll make the snacks, you go do your homework."I heard him leave and I put alcohol on my skin which burned.

I bit my tongue and was shocked I accidentally did that. I put a white cloth around it and taped it. I put my sleeves down and walked out to the stairs.

I went to the kitchen just to make some snacks for my brother which was just a sandwich. I go take it to him upstairs and into his room with a soda.

"Thanks."I ruffle his hair and got out of his room sighing really tiredly.

I walked to my room and went to my desk. I grabbed my binder and took out the homework I was working on. I rub my temples and groan.

I swear I am so exhausted today! I need a some fresh air. I need to breathe.

I look at my window and fought my own mind to open it. Once I did, I went back to my desk and watched myself feel numb. Because my arm fell asleep. Well, my pinky and the side of my hand did.

"Omg, I hate homework, why do I have to deal with this and the housework!"I groan and heard the window move.

I turned my heard to the window and saw him climbing into my room. What is he doing here?

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to help you with your homework!"I rolled my eyes groaning.

This annoying Butt head is everywhere! I swear he was at school and with me, why not stay school friends and not here.

My mother and father would kill me if they see a man in my room. Or someone in here.

"What if I don't want you to?"I asked him as he scoffed sitting on my bed.

"Well, sorry. I'm staying."

"Okay, Fine, but let's work together and finish this? Maybe we could finish our project together?"I asked him and he smiled.

"Great idea. I brought it."I stare at his backpack and my eyes furry.

"Okay, but aren't you going to take it out?"I asked as he smiled widely.



"Stop sleeping!"I slap the pencil on his forehead and he groaned.

"Not on my bruise."I rolled my eyes and write a few things in our notebook.

"Sara?"I hum in response as I felt the bed shift next to me.

"Do you like me now?"He asked and I looked at him frowning.

"As a friend yes. But any other relationship, I don't think so."I said truthfully.

There are times I would say he's cute. But as a different way. Not as if I liked him.

"Oh, alright."He faked his smile at me and I cover my mouth to give a small yawn.

"I'm tired, do you want me to make you a snack?"I asked him and he smiled as I heard my door knock.

"Sara? What are we having for dinner?"I glared at the door and rolled my eyes.

The only time he cares about me, is when it's about food. Everything else is garbage to him. He has nothing else to say but food, food, and food!

"What do you want?"I asked Hamid as he opened my door sighing.

"I don't know, I was thinking since chicken wings take a while how about ramen noodles? I don't think you would want to cook today."I nod and got out of my bed.

"Hey, bud how are you?"Jin said as Hamid nods with a smile.

"Great, How are you?"He asked as I rolled my eyes walking out of my room.

I went downstairs and started heating up some ramen noodles. I sat waiting for it to fully microwave through.

My parents told me they won't come until ten. It's seven right now. Which means they won't be here for another three hours.

It might give me some time to rest, cook and maybe finish the homework that I still have.

"Uh, Sara the ramen noodles are done."I turned to look at the microwave.

"Oh, they are."

I opened them and didn't want to touch them. I grabbed it slowly and put it on the kitchen table. While my brother grabbed the forks. I closed the microwave door and sat on the stool.

I took the fork saying Alhumdillah and started eating. I stare at the other two who were eating and watching their phone.

You're a faggot!

You fat ass!

You ugly dirt!

You ugly piece of shit!

I guess I will not be eating anymore. I rubbed my eyes and got up.

"You're not going to finish eating?" I shook my head and my brother took it.

"More for me."I rolled my eyes and started to leave then walk up the stairs.

I went to my room to finish a few of my homework I had left. I still continued the project and couldn't finish the last part.

I was getting really tired and sleepy which made me feel sick. I felt myself laid on my bed slowly drifting off to sleep.


I woke up to feel a blanket on me. I look to see I'm sleeping by my nightstand with a pillow behind my head.

I check the time to see nine thirty and the stupid alarm I put on. My eyes widen and I got up running. I cleaned my face and brushed my teeth.

I go make some lunch and which took me only ten minutes. I put it in plates and got to put tea in the teapot. As I was I burned my hand with it which made me groan. I cleared and cleaned everything. I ran up the stairs and hid in my room, under my covers.

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