Chapter 34

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I'm So Tired | Lauv & Troy Sivan

"What happened to you both?"I asked them as they sighed.

I hope they don't get in trouble after this. Because honestly, it's going to hurt their future.

"Nothing, where are you going?"He asked me and I frowned.

"Don't worry about me, you guys stay by the door of the office while I get you some ice from the nurse,"I told him and went into my bag taking out a small bag.

I looked to see no one here. It by the stairs of course. At the far corner. No one should come here.

"It has makeup to cover up whatever the heck happened to your face,"I told him and he smiled.

"I'll be back!"I said and went to go to the nurse to grab a few ice packs.

I got out and went to them. I slap the ice pack on Jin's back and he groans. I didn't want to keep looking at him because I felt weird.

"Who's stupid idea was it to get hurt?"I asked as I touched his jaw to fix the makeup.

"Sorry."I sighed and nodded looked at Cody's eye with a sad look.

"At least your good at makeup,"I said and he gave me back my bag.

"Here you both go,"I said letting them hold it as they frowned.


I heard the bell ring and pouted. I didn't get the signatures! Damn it.

"I'll see you later, Sara? You okay?"I nod still with a pout and looked at my paper.

"Out of class, it is then,"I said and looked at Jin who was confused.

"Come on, let's just get to class,"I told him and he nods smiling.

Why is he smiling? Didn't he just fight and have a bruise? What's wrong with him?

"Oh yeah, I forgot, do you know why there wasn't any hot Cheetos at your place you were mad about during the bus?"I shook my head and stared at him.

"Because I took them when I came over. And ate them all!"He laughed and I glared at him.

He ate my Cheetos! No one eats my Cheetos. Without permission. I love sharing for some reason. I guess the Moto "sharing is caring" is stuck in my head.

But he stole them. That's bad. I step on the floor hard and walked to class quickly while not looking at him.

"I bought goldfish for you."I went back to him and took the goldfish from his hand.

I turned and walked to my seat and smiled. I love goldfish! I'm such a snack lover. My life wouldn't be complete without Cheetos, Goldfish, and Doritos.

"Now you're happy?"I nod and hug the small bag like a pillow on my cheek.

"I have some more snacks."I turn to him and he looked at me shocked.

"How did you move your head so fast?"He asked me and I smirked.

"Whenever foods talked about."

"Now, do you want Doritos or Cheetos. I have different kinds in my bag!"I smiled at him.

He's so sweet. And it's so nice of him to think about chips for me. I've never had a friend like that. Or anyone does that for me.

He's like a man I would want. But a Muslim. I love my religion, nothing personal. I just want to keep my religion with me since it's brought a lot of things into my life that are special and amazing. Also, it's the only one I support.


I stare at him confused since he snapped his fingers in front of my eyes. Did I zone out?

"You alright?"I nod and smiled blinking at my stupidity.

"Yeah. Why don't I start taking the notes, why you rest. You must be exhausted."I told him and he smiled.

"You care so much."I chuckle and took out my notebook to open.

"That's what I'm for,"I told him and he nods with a yawn.

I stare at him as he puts a bag on the table and his head on like if the bag was a pillow. I took out a blanket and put it on his back.

It usually gets cold in this class so I wanted to put it on his so he doesn't get cold.

He looked really cute. He fell asleep while his face is looking towards me. He's making me feel comfortable even by looking at him somehow. Is this normal?

I open the goldfish box and start eating while taking notes. I heard a sigh and rubbed his back slowly.


After the notes, I put them away in my bag and I turned my phone on and went on Instagram.

I look at all the hate comments people kept doing. They sent me messages. One of my pictures explained a lot. And it was one I posted two years ago. Being commented today.

12 Likes 180 Comments

Gunshet23: Why don't you just die?

Unique4729: Why do you want to seem like your pretty? Your ugly as hell!

Tecotocotwo: Sucks to be friends with you!

KingBrad90: Man I would rather throw up!

MelissaLVU: Your a lying, cheating bitch! No one likes you! Why don't you just go to die? Maybe we will all be in peace?

I held in all I could and switched to my other Instagram account. I looked at Nora's picture and liked them.

I didn't do anything else because I don't want this account to be found by people either. Even if it's private. My other one is private too.

I just wish they would stop sending me hate messages or commenting rude things on my pictures.

It was a picture of a waterfall they freaking called out from. I'm not even in the picture since I don't show off my pictures in that account.

Only on the one Nora and a few of my old friends that I follow. That's all. Which I'm kinda glad since they are really nice. On my pictures compared to them ranting about me on a picture of a waterfall.

I looked at the time and see the bell is about to ring. I looked at sleeping Jin as his head is in front of me.

"Jin wake up!"I said and he groaned opening his eyes then frowned.

"What?"He asked stretching and yawning as I held my blanket.

"It's almost time to go,"I said and he nods rubbing his eyes looking at my blanket.

"Why do you keep that around?"He asked me confused because he kept staring at it hard.

"Because it's cold in classes sometimes and I might sleep when I have nothing to do,"I said folding it and he nodded starting to rub his eye again.

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