Chapter 14

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I woke up and look at the time. It's a Monday. I did wake up for fajr and I woke up my brother for school.

My parent left to work probably an hour ago so I have the house to myself. My mother wanted to take a day off but the manager wouldn't allow her too. And my father was just yelling at me for going to the hospital.

So he has to pay the bills. And trust me they are expensive.

I got up slowly and put my hands on my nightstand. I groan and put my left hand on my head. I slowly walk up to the bathroom and washed my face. I brushed my teeth and went back to my room to put on some makeup.

I still didn't look nice but I didn't want to look caked either so I didn't bother to add more. I finished and put my makeup back.

I walked out of my room a little dizzy and walked the stairs like the whole house was flipped. Or that we were having an earthquake.

I got into the kitchen and grabbed some snacks. I was hungry. And I didn't feel too good.

I grab a glass cup and filed it up with the milk from the fridge. I grab some cookies and sit on the stool to eat then on the kitchen table. I hear the clocks tick in the house and heard my chewing.

I heard the doorbell ring and got up to go see who it was. I opened and saw Jin smiling at me.


He just got in and walked the hall. I closed the door and went walking to the kitchen.

"Aren't you supposed to be at school?"I asked as my voice went raspier than before.

"Yes, but I thought of coming to you instead to see how you're doing?" He paused and stared at me. "But damn your voice sounds like you hit puberty."

"Are you here to piss me off or to help me?"I asked him and he snorted.

"Yeah, I'm here to piss you off. Without you at school, it would've been boring anyway."

I hate his guts. Sometimes I want to punch him in the face, sometimes I want to help him and sometimes I just want to throw him under the bus.

Is that what being friends with a guy feels like? Or an actual friend that could come to your house whenever they want? Like best friends?

I got back from my thoughts from a snap of a finger in front of my eyes. "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing,"I said and sat on the kitchen stool still eating some cookies.

"How are you actually feeling? My Ma said you threw up yesterday."He told me taking a cookie as I frowned.

"I feel fine."I said as he stared at me with the 'are you serious' look on his face. "Really, I am fine."

He pulled my chin up and touched something on my throat that made me bite my lip in pain.

"Why are you--."

"Who did this?"He cut me and stared at me with a stern look.

"I..I fell this morning. Since I was dizzy. But I told you. I'm fine."I lied as he tilted my head while I slapped his hand.

"Stop touching me!"I said and he sighed rubbing his hand on his hair.

"Be careful, you could get worse than a bruise on the neck."I stare at him with wide eyes.

"Brushed neck?"

"Yeah, doesn't look good either."I mumbled something about how 'I' didn't use my makeup on my neck!

"What?"I shook my head and ate another cookie while looking down.

"Did you eat anything else besides a cookie?"He asked me and I shook my head.

"Then let's order Pizza. I'll make sure they don't cut or put anything in it. Okay."I nod and he smiled.

"Where are you getting it from?"I asked him as he called on his phone.

"Little Caesars."

"Get the Crazy Bread, those are good too!"I whisper as he chuckled.


"I'M HOME!"I heard a scream as he stopped in front of us.

"What is this intruder doing here in my building?"I rolled my eyes as I heard the doorbell ring.

"Are you having a party? Why is he here? With you alone? Don't you think mom and dad are going to send you to the mental hospital?"

"Hamid, calm down. Let me explain."I said rubbing my hand on the back of my neck.

"He came to check on me and bought pizza. Your favorite food."I said as his eyes widen.

"I'll go change, eat the food and I'll run like Naruto and crush you."He said metaphorically and ran the hall.

"Wait, Sara is that you?"I heard and looked at the front door to see William.

"Oh, William, Hi!"I said and he smiled while I walked to the front door.

"How are you? I never knew you worked at Caesars."I told him as he laughed.

"Well, things happen. Anyways. Are you and her good? I mean it's almost four years."I shook my head with a sad smile.

"Not really."

"I hope you get there soon, oh and remind you if I could. Do you remember when Josh started--."

"Goodbye William,"I said as he sighed smiling.

"Well Bye. See you later."I nod as closed the door slowly.

I walked back to the kitchen as I looked at the boys eating. I sat down and took one. Said Bismillah and Alhumdillah quietly then took a bite.

"Was that William from Middle school?"I nod as Hamid took a can of soda.

"Yep, he looks a lot different, he has a deeper voice than he had in middle school."Hamid stared at me and I looked at him confused.

"You like him, don't you?"I glared at him as he stocked out his tongue.

"Astagfirallah, Such a shame. Your thinking out this but not the soda that's spilling on your shirt!"I told him and he looked down.

He picked up the can and took off his shirt. He stuck out his tongue and hear a laugh from Jin.

"Stick your tongue out again, or I'll cut it for you."

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