Chapter 23

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In My Blood | Shawn Mendez

I walked to see Mary smiling at her phone and then look up at me.

"What's up with the bright smile today?"I asked as she shook her head.

"Nothing, I have to go meet a friend."I nod and she walked away.

Why do I feel like she's hiding something? Like how everyone else does? Sometimes I think people just don't want to tell me things because they think I'm just going to put it on me.

It's not true. I would be happy if something good was going on, I would be upset or sorry for whatever bad is going on.

It doesn't mean you have to hide anything from a friend. Especially leaving them alone.

I saw Hamid looking at me. I gave him a small wave and he smiled. I turned to see Jin with his friends.

I wanted to go talk to him about yesterday's incident. It was just weird and how he kept holding himself after class. He looked red and flustered. But I didn't ask him. I do want to ask if he's okay.

"It seems we meet again."

I turned confused which made me lose my eyes and looked to see those three astaghfirullah! Did Satan call me? Because I would want at least Allah call me!

"What? Cat caught your tongue?"I looked at Unique confused.

"Why are you talking to me like that? After all those things I've done for you?"I asked her as she laughed.

"What you've done was lie, cheat and used us because you didn't have a life."I gulped and felt a hand push my shoulder.

"Don't touch me,"I said and push her hand away before it would touch me.

"Or what?"I felt like I bumped into someone and I turned.

"I'm so sorry--."

"Don't touch her and please I would like it if you would go to the freshman side? They would really love to fight you all."I stare at Jin as he glared at them.

"Seems like you have a bodyguard don't you, Sara? Maybe even a boyfriend."I held my anger in tight.

I held everything inside me. The fear, the tears, the screams and the unclear madman inside me.

They walked away and I turned to Jin with a glare as he smirked. Is he proud?

"What the hell did you do?"I asked him and he stared at me still with his proud look.

"I helped you."

"No, you didn't, this isn't a game Jin. Thanks for making things worse."I told him walking ahead of him and ignoring the stares from his friends.

"Wait!"I didn't look but kept walking to see Mary with a guy and hugging each other.

"Sara!"I stare at her confused as she pushed the boy away.

Did she? Did she not tell me about this? Is that why she's been busy telling me to do her work? Telling me her parents are crazy and that she can't study, for a guy?

"What are you doing here?"I shook my head as if I didn't see anything.

"I was walking, so this is what you left me for?"I asked as she frowned.

"Not everything is about you, Sara."

That just came out rude, What was she implying because it doesn't sound like she's in the mood. I could just leave or tell her something at least.

"I know that Mary, but you could've at least told me. I wouldn't mind and you know that."I said as she scoffed.

"Yeah like how you stole Unique's boyfriend, I wouldn't think you would steal mine."I stare at her shocked.

She thought of that? How could she? I would never do that. I don't have the right to even talk about boys. Why would I have an idea for that?

"W..what?"I asked her as she held his hand and kissed his cheek.

"Yeah, he's mine. Sorry."I gulped and turned my head to see Jin looking around.

"I...I would never take anyone away, I don't have the right. You know my religion. I take it seriously."I said and she rolled her eyes coming closer.

"If that's even the truth."She pushed her finger on my shoulder and looked back at the guy smirking.

"Why don't we go, baby? Maybe get some snacks?"

"Gladly."He said taking her hand and walked with her.

I...I don't know why this is happening? What have I ever done to them to hurt me this way?

I stayed up all night finishing her work online. And all I wanted was to sleep.


What should I do? I want to go home and just want to sleep. To feel a little comfortable. The nurse would work. I walked ahead to leave to the nurse and didn't have an idea.

"Yes?"The nurse asked me smiling at me.

"Is it alright if I could stay in the room, I haven't felt good,"I said and she nods handing me a slip.

"If you don't feel good enough, just call your parents to pick you up."I nod and went to sit on the bed.

What is really going on with my life! Why is everything falling apart in the last minute.

I go on my phone to see a bunch of messages. I look at my brothers.

Hamid: Dude!

Hamid: Let's stay after school!

Me: Why?

Hamid: So I asked if we could hang out?

Hamid: Besides home.

Me: Why tho?

Hamid: because!

Hamid: I said so!

Hamid: Please!

Me: Fine!

Wait! If I'm staying, how am I going to get through this? Maybe...

Me: by the way, where are you?

Hamid: At the basketball court!

Hamid: Why?

Me: Wanna one v one again?

Hamid: You're on!

I got up and went to the nurse smiling.

"I feel better, thank you!"I said as she nods smiling and went back to her screen.

I went out and walked to the basketball court to see my brother. He looked at me and passed me the ball.

"You ready to let me beat your watermelon head?"He rolled his eyes and looked like he was going to wrestle me instead.

"No, maybe your ugly pimple face will."

I threw the ball at him and he caught. I start playing with him and he kept whining as I made a point.

"Son of a...I mean daughter of-!"I threw the ball at his stomach and he groaned.

"Man down!"I chuckle as his friends laugh.


Let me tell you about freshman's, they are loud!

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