Chapter 1

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Sucker | Tyzo Bloom Feat. GIGI

"SARA GET DOWN AND GO BEFORE YOU MISS THE BUS."I groan and walked down the stairs staring at my mother.

She was as old as my own grandmother would be. But somehow my father stayed young.

"Ma, I'm going, instead wake Hamid up!"I said and her eyes widen.


She ran past me, up the stairs and pushing my shoulder. That's my mother alright.

I got to put my yellow shoes that looked like converse but weren't converse on and start walking.

I swear if I bought a four dollar shoe, my parents would kill me. So the fake ten dollars would be okay. Even though it has flowers on the yellow they were so nice. Compared to the regular yellow.

I put my earphones on and play a dua to the bus stop. I stood waiting looking at the time on my wrist and then I turned my head when people stare at me.

Why are they staring at me? Is there something on my face because it took a long time just to do my makeup.

I looked to see my next door neighbor Jin. I stare at him and he smirked looking at the road. I turned my head and switched my Dua's to some Hindi pop.

Not only that but I exploded it in my ears. Like I'm going to some type of party.

But school suck anyway, there is no way there are school parties in movies. Never happened. But actually, once it did. They got caught and some got arrested since they were eighteen.

"Sara, why didn't you wake me up this morning?"I look at my brother Hamid holding a coffee cup to me.

"I was too tired to wake you up."I took the coffee cup and stare at him turning my music down a little.


"Nothing, mom gave you the talkh green tea."He said as I took a sip of the coffee cup. "Because of your negativity."

I glared at him and gave it back to him.

"You drink it, that's gross,"I told him as he smirked at me.

"I wouldn't drink or eat anything from you."He gave it back to me and walked to his friends.

"Then don't ask for biryani later."I puffed and drink the whole thing.

The bus finally came, but it was a little late. I got in and went to the back. Since no one goes there and does stuff.

It's always the middle of the bus. And the front of the bus is loud too. The back is just quiet. Really quiet actually.

I sat looking outside and my music played loud. I took my phone out of my pocket and see a text from my friend Unique.

Unique: I heard something going on between you and Jin.

Me: Even his name starts with the devil.

Unique: So is it true?

Me: No, why would there be?

Unique: Because I heard he was standing next to you.

Me: Who told you that?

Unique: You know the girls from math class?

Me: The one who draws well or the one who wears heels?

Unique: Heels!

Unique: Since one of her friends go to your bus stop, she told her and it's kinda spread to the point everyone's talking about it.

Me: Wow, what a weird paradox.

Me: Honestly ignore it because that's not true, if something was going on I would've told you.

Unique: True, anyways how was waking up and walking to the bus?

Me: I didn't wake up my brother, My mother made some green tea with no sugar.

Unique: that's suicidal and gross!

Me: yeah, it was gross.

Me: How about you?

Unique: I am going to eat breakfast at school, ran late today again.

Me: I think they are having cinnamon buns today.

Unique: Sweet, I'll see you at the canteen.

Me: yeah sure.

Another ten minutes to go to school. Which was long. I noticed someone was sitting next to me. I turned my head and looked to see him.

Speaking of the devil.

Why is he everywhere? I swear I just want to be alone. With no one around me. And in peace.

I swear there is a new drama at school and my mother would love to watch instead of helping me. And I'm not joking.

I turned my head back to the window and looked at the sky. I wish I could just grab a paper and stick it on the window saying. "please save me, I'm dying."

Why? Because I don't want to go to school. It's boring. And it sucks. And I don't like it.

Most of you all will agree on this. One hundred percent! Well, ninety-nine point nine percent will since that point one percent love school.

And those who don't love it, will have to suffer through the pain. I don't even want to talk about it anyway. To disturbing.

The bus stopped and I turned to see everyone leaving. I saw everyone walk out and I got up walking.

"Thank you,"I said and the bus driver nodded his head smiling at me.

I got out and sighed. I'm ready to take the wind. I walked to the gate while saying "Bismillah" just to get a good start with the day!

I see my friend Unique and Melissa. Unique was really tall to me. She was 5'7 while I was 5'2. Melissa was 5'1 however. Unique had green eyes and dark brown hair. Her skin was black and her face was smooth since she was blessed with no acne. And beauty. She wore a blue shirt and black ripped jeans, with some black puma shoes that the logo was blue.

Melissa had hazel eyes and light brown hair. Her skin was brown and she also wore makeup, but not a lot since she's yet also blessed with beauty and no acne. She wore a neon sweater with her blue shorts. And sandals.

And let me tell you. We all had our glasses on. But my hair was in a ponytail, Melissa looked like she put it in a try to put it in a bun style and Unique had a braid.

I was wearing a yellow sweater, black jeans, and those sneakers. I waved and they smiled while talking to each other.

"Dude, I want to sleep!"Melissa exclaimed as she rubbed her eyes.

"Yeah, don't rub your eyes. Your mascara is coming off like a dandruff."I said as she looked at her phone to wipe it off her eyes.

"Anyways I heard you're staying after school."

I groan. I have a Choir concert today. And I forgot to tell my parents. They are going to kill me. I have to stay till nine at night.

"Yeah, I forgot to tell my parents,"I said getting to the canteen.

"At least it's a Friday."I nod and grabbed the cinnamon bun with a tray.

"I just can't believe we have a test in English, Math, and French. Like they had an appointment to make all the tests on Friday."

Unique had a disgusted look on her face talking about school. I put my number on the machine and entered. I waited for them and we went to go sit on an empty table.

"I guess we have to get used to it, it's just the beginning,"I said as she groans rubbing her fingers on her temples.

"Why did I come today?"

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