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I got inside the room and went into the bathroom. I put on a towel on the sink table. I started taking out my earrings and frowned.

"Sara? I brought some clothes you could wear to stay comfortable."I heard and looked at Jin with a smile.

We just got married. Yeah during the school year too. I wasn't surprised when Jin said he wanted an early marriage and before Ramadan. He wants us to be a part of it together and he also wanted to get married early. I don't regret it at all.

"Just bring it to me. This is going to take forever."I said as I took off my necklace putting it on the towel.

"I swear my mother went all dramatic,"I said and he chuckled.

"Well Yeah, you said bye I'll see you tomorrow and didn't even cry. What do you expect?"I rolled my eyes.

"To cry on my wedding day, no. I'd prefer eating over that."I said as he coughed.

"You okay? Drink water."

"Yeah yeah!"I tsked and finished taking out my jewelry.

I heard the door knock and Jin opened it. I looked to see our boys and I smiled.

"What are you guys doing here?"Jin asked them with a stern look.

"Well we are here to say hello and if you need us we will be a few rooms away,"Cody said smirking and I frowned.

"Okay, you could've texted me that. Why bother my day?"He said and I shook my head.

"Let's not bother the couple and let's go to the mall next door."I rolled my eyes at Jimmy with his mall stuff.


Jin slammer the door and I stare at him with shock. Did he slam the door at his friends? Is he mad?

"Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it?"I asked and he drew his hands telling me to come to him.

I nod and went to him. He pulled my waist and I squealed. He chuckled and held his hand tight around it.

"You're beautiful."I grabbed the pillow and smack it at him.

You're to ugly.

I blush and he laughed throwing the pillow away from me. This voice is coming back too much. Should I tell him?

"I like it when you blush, that's when I know my flirting is working."I chuckle and moved his hair off his forehead.

"Sara? Do you know what people do after they are married?"I heard him ask me and I frowned at him.

He told me this long ago. When we're in the library helping Mrs.Hattington. Why is he asking me that question again? Do I have to answer it again?

We actually still go to the library. It's still fun since we still go there. She allowed us to stay during class time if we didn't feel like going. Jimmy is fond of that. And I know I am too.

"No, are we going to eat? Like pizza? Kabobs? Are we going to go play on the ps4?"I asked him and he chuckled.

It's cute when he laughs and chuckles. I heard him giggle before. It was so cute! But I'm honestly upset that he's laughing at what I said. Who laughs about food? I don't.

"Your so clueless aren't you."I frowned and got off of him.

"Your mean!"I said and he laughed at me which made me grab another pillow to throw at him.

But he still laughs. Which is cute but I'll not let him get to me. I crossed my arms and heard the door knock.

I look at Jin and he frowned. I guess he doesn't know who it is. I don't care I'll open it. I open to see a pregnant lady smiling at me.

"Hello, I'm sorry but have you seen a little girl with a ponytail around. She has a grey shirt and blue jeans on."I shook my head as she sighed.

"Zak, you idiot! I told you to take care of her."She called out a man and he sighed.

"Sorry, Muhammad where do you think your sister would be?"He said sweating and I looked at the plant.

Wait a second. I walked by it and looked to see the grey shirt. There were blue jeans and a girl with a ponytail. She giggled and smiled.

"Hello?"I asked and she came to me and hugged me.

"Mummy, pwincess!"I chuckle and her mother sighed with a smile.

Yeah right!

"I'm so sorry."

I shook my head and she looked up at me. I swear the voice is coming back again.

"What's your name?"I asked her and she giggled, which honestly was so cute.

"My name is Zainab, what's your name?"She asked me as she let go of me.

"I'm Sara, it's nice to meet you,"I said and see her brother looking at me.

"You guys are Muslim?"I asked as they nod smiling.

"Yep, and I'm Afghan and he's Arabic."I looked at her shocked and smiled.

"I'm afghan too!"I said and she nodded looking at her daughter.

"Finally someone I know who speaks Farsi besides my family."I nod and she grinned.

"I hope to see each other, it's nice to meet you and sorry to bother you both."

"It's fine."He said with a smile and looked at Zak as he looked at him with a grin.

"Oh, this is Jin, my husband,"I said and their eyes widen.

"I know his name, I get it. But he's not that kind of guy."I said and she nods.

"Well, I'll see you guys."I nod and they walked away while the kids ran.

I don't think so, you'll just be dead.

"Take care of your kids because if you don't I don't know I'll do with the fourth one."She slapped the back of his head and I chuckle.

I went back inside and pulled by my arm to the bed. I can't stop this voice. How do I stop it from bothering me?


"Yes?"He asked me worried and probably from the expression I'm giving him.

"The voices are back."He kissed my forehead and hugged me.

"It's okay, don't listen to them. If they come around, I'll listen to you. You wanna change?"I nod and he let go.

No one will like you.

"Sara?"I heard and turned my head and he smiled.

"Get back when you're done. I'll call for some pizza, is that a deal?"I nod and went inside to close the door looking at the clothes.

I change and got out with Pajamas. I laid on the bed on my stomach and saw my phone. I grab it and looked through some memes.

He came back undressed with some pizza and soda. I looked at him with a smile and he came back to sit down.

"I changed when you were inside the bathroom."

"I also bought chips."I looked at him as he took some chips in front of me.

He laid down beside me and I eat looking at the tv he just turned on. I heard him sigh and turned to stare at him.

"What's wrong?"I asked him and he sighed.

"Should I change my name?"I shook my head smiled at him.

"No, I love it. Please don't change it because they think you're the annoying Jin in those stores. Because you're a human with a name, not the actual devil."He came closer to me then kissed my cheek and I giggled.

- The End -

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