Chapter 53

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Not Giving In | Tom Walker

"It's annoying."I said and looked at my brother Hamid laying on the couch confused.

"What is?"He asked me and I sighed with a small yawn.

"Samuel and Nick, they were both smirking during lunch and Nick touched me."I said and he sat up.

"What! AND your telling me now?"I rubbed my eyes hugged myself.

"He was inviting Jin and Cody to the party. And he walked away as he touched me. Do you know how disgusted I am. I'm freaking worried they are planning something."I gulped and held my knees together.

"That's it!"He said and got up then walked out of the living room.

Where is he going? I stare at him walking out the door and closed it. Seriously. What's he going to do?

Maybe he was tired of you whining.

I closed my eyes and shut the voice off. I looked at the clock to see it's time for me to cook what I felt off when I came home.

When we came home I changed quickly into something completely comfortable. I didn't like how I felt when he touched me.

I went to go make chai for myself and start cooking some Mantu. Which is like a beef dumpling with yogurt and tomato cause around it. I'm also making Khabuli Pulao.

I did let the meat and rice soak out. I had a bunch of yougurt made two days ago because I knew I was going to make it today.

My parents like different things and including my brother and me. I'm more into the Mantu then Khabuli Pulao. My brothers favorite beside the kabobs is actually is also a fan of Mantu. My parents are obsessed with Pulao! Chutni with Pulao, Chicken with Pulao. Anything with Pulao!

Should I make a Chicken Qurma?

You cook bad! No one likes it anyway.

I wash my hands in the sink and started taking everything out that I needed. I start making it no matter what my brain was telling me. I hear my phone ring and answer to put it by my ear.

Me: "Hello?"

Unknown: "Sara! We are coming home early."

Me: "oh okay. Anything else?"

Father: "Not really, are you cooking again?"

Me: "I'm cooking."

Father: "Okay, be careful. I'll see you at home."

Me: "okay!"

He hanged up and I put the phone away in my pocket. I put my earphones on and listen to music from a random playlist. I heard the door open and thought it was my brother. So I just ignored it.

"Did I forget the potatoes?"I mumble and went to the snack room to grab some potato's.

I walked out smiling hearing my favorite song play. I put it in a bowl of hot water and left it there. I washed my hands and started to cut the meat.

I felt someone touch behind me and I jumped. I looked to see Jin and I looked at him confused.

"What are you doing here?"I asked as he pulled one of my earphones out.

"Why didn't you tell me?"He asked and I looked at him confused.

"Tell you what?"I asked to turn back to my cutting my meat on the cutting board.

"About Nick And Samuel. I heard it from your brother."I looked at arms side by side on the counter and sighed.

"I didn't want to bother you about it. You have already to much to hold on."I said and he growled which made me freeze.

"Did you...did you just growl?"I asked him and he sighed softly.

"You could've just told me and not let you deal with it. They touched you! Inappropriately. Are you kidding me!"

He's right. I should've have. I was just worried he would think of me the wrong way. I didn't want him to think of me of some person who would want him to stay with me. He needs space.

"I thought I was going to make you run away from your friends after what happened last time."I said and looked at his left arm.

"Those people who you called friends are not my friends. They hurt you. And if I love someone, they can't hurt them. If they did. I wouldn't allow them myself to to be near them."I moved a little to the left to give him a signal.

He moved his arm and I turn on the stove. I felt an arm pull my waist and my eyes widen.

"If something is up! Talk to me, don't keep it inside you."I huffed and he let go of my waist.

"Okay, I get it."I said and he turned me around which made me stare at him.

"You said you will do anything right yesterday?"I nod and he looked at me into my eyes.

"Tell me everything that's going on in your mind. And tell me the truth. If you don't. I won't be sitting around."I rolled my eyes and grabbed a pan.

"I'm fine, there is nothing going on in my head right now."

He won't care after you tell him. Your nothing to him! Nothing to anyone. Just a joking slave!

This voice in my head won't shut up! It's pissing me off.

"Sara?"I looked up at Jin and he frowned.

"Are you sure your not thinking?"I sighed and looked at the pans.

"I'll tell you everything after I finish cooking."I said and heard running from the halls.

"I came here as fast as I could! Sara? Are you okay?"I turned to see Jimmy and Fransisco.

I nod and turned my head to the fridge. I took out some water bottles and hand it to them.

"Why did you run all the way here? Did something happen?"I asked going back to making food.

" Smells good!"I heard screaming and see Cody by Hamid.

"Would you be quiet, everything is fine!"Fransisco said and glared at him.


"Don't worry Jin. I'm okay. Trust me."

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