Chapter 29

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Hard | Why Don't We

I woke up and opened my eyes to see myself in bed. In a hospital bed and hospital gown. I moved my hands but it felt heavy. I saw wires and injections on my arms. Both of them.

I sighed and saw the bandages. Something on my head felt like it was patched up. It was itchy.

"You're awake!"I saw the same doctor and stared at him.

"You fainted after having a panic attack. Seems to me someone has some level of issues."He smiled checking a few things.

"Are in pain? Any discomfort?"I shook my head and he wrote something in the clipboard.

"Do you remember anything? How you fainted? Before you fainted?"I shook my head again and he smiled.

"Alright, your mother said you've fallen a couple of times. You even slipped hitting your eye with a doorknob. That's got to hurt."

My mother didn't tell about my father. I wouldn't either. He is my father. And I have forgiven him already. I don't want to break the family even more by the police jumping into this.

"But you seem to take it pretty easy."I nod and sighed feeling numb.

"By the way, your aunt is coming to pick you up. Seems like your parents are busy."I bit my lip as he left with a smile.

He seems happy but in the inside, he's just tired and hurt. I could tell from how much he slumped his shoulders after he left.

"Sara!"I heard and turned to see my aunt Jamila with a sad look.

"I called your mother and she told me what happened to you, you should've been careful."I nod and see the nurse come to take the wires out.

"You need the carry until you get out of the doctor's office. Another nurse will be there."I stare at the blood getting into my body.

"Alright thank you."Aunt Jamila said and the nurse brought the wheelchair.

I slowly got up with the help of both of them and got to sit on the wheelchair. The nurse tied things up on the hooks from the pole.

"Alright all set, Dr.Debroy office is down the hall to your left. His door shows his name."She said smiling and left to go take care of another patient.

My aunt pushed me to Dr.Debroys door. And I knocked. I open the door and he smiled.

"Come in."

My aunt pushed the wheelchair to him and he smiled holding out his hand.

"I'm Dr.Debroy how are you?"He asked me smiling and I stare at him.

"I'm fine, how are you?"I asked him as he moved his hand away.

"I'm good thank you."I nod as my aunt looked at me.

"Is it alright if we talk in private? I have to speak with her alone."She nods and walked out which she closed the door.

"Now the reason is here is because your mother and father came in talking with me after I heard something about you."He told me with his glumly eyes.

"I have sent an order, to send you to a psychiatrist."I stare at him confused.

"You could talk to them about your sleep, your thought, and maybe your anxiety."I gulped and nodded.

"B..but do you think it will help?"I asked him and he sighed with a small smile.

"If your commit to it, yes."I looked at the sheet with my name on it.

"All you have to do is sign. Your parents already did. It could help you."I stare at the paper and took the pen.

If I do this, does this mean I might get the help I needed? Is this something I should do to make me feel like I'll get back into work.

Or will I stay like this forever?

I sign and put the pen down. I felt like I did something right but wrong again. Because I have to have faith in Allah. It makes me think I'm doing the wrong thing.

"Alright, a letter might come three weeks later. In the meantime, you should maybe go out with friends or talk to people closely."He said which made me think of my brother.

"Thank you, am I done?"I asked him and he nods smiling.

"Yes, just take care of yourself and not worry about others."I hum in response and started moving to the door.

"Mr.Debroy, if I need to talk someone besides my family. Who should I?"I asked him and he went by the door.

"You could call me, your parents do have my number. And call me Derik."I nod and he opened the door.

"Thank you, have a good day!"I said and he nodded.

"You too!"I saw my aunt smiling and she took me to the nurse.

They took off the injections and put bandages on them. I was pushed to leave outside the hospital. I sat waiting for my aunt to bring her car.

In the freaking cold!


I got home and my mother came out smiling. She helped me out and walk inside slowly.

"I made your favorite chicken soup. I'll go check if I could make chicken wings for dinner."I stare at her as she made me sit on the couch.

She walked away to the kitchen and I raise an eyebrow. I winced, that hurt. So I can't lift up anything.

I'm confused. Why is my mother in the kitchen and cooking? And why is everyone smiling?

"Sara? Do you want something? Water? Juice? Soda? Sprite?"I shook my head.

"Water will be fine. Thank you."I said and Aunt Jamila nods walking away.

"SARA!"I flinched and looked to see my brother running to me.

"You're okay!"He hugged me and I nodded my head.

"You scared the shit out of me! What the fuck is wrong with you! You know I thought you were dead. Like you died! I freaking cried for no reason."He said staring at me.

"But anyways, how are you? Are you still in pin? Do you need an oxygen mask?"I push him as he laughed.

"No, sleep would be good."He glared at me with a smirk.

"That's because of your a sleepy head."I cover my hand over my mouth and yawn.


I laid on the couch and groan. I left my right arm on my body. I moved my arm up and started to feel sleepy.

"I still hate you and love you."I felt a blanket on me and started to fall asleep.

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