Chapter 21

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I watch as everyone looked at me. And that reason was because I was wearing a hijab.

It's a Friday and my mother took me to the masjid but she's getting groceries. So I had to follow her and get whatever I wanted.

I held my arms together and stare at the men staring at me weirdly. I walked ahead of them and went to the Asian snacks.

"Rice cookies are good."I heard and turned to see a girl wearing hijab next to me.

"Uh...yeah,"I said and she smiled at me.

"I feel like I've seen you before."

I stare at her brown orbs and purple colored lips. She wore a black hijab just like mine and wore a light red dress and black leggings. With some boots.

"Oh, do you go to masjid by the Gas station? Which is also by the train station railway?"She nods smiling.

"Yeah. I'm new around here."I gave her a small smile.

"Really? I didn't notice. Probably because I usually sit in the car."I said as she chuckles.

"I do too, I can't get near those girls."I chuckle and rolled my eyes.

"Watch them come to you only for food. Sometimes they will talk behind your back so watch out."

"Looks like someone knows my mom."I turned to see my mother talking to a lady.

"Mine too,"I said as I took a rice cookie box.

"Hey, if you want. You could hang out with me in my car. I brought a bunch of snacks and chargers just in case."I looked at her and smiled.

"I mean sure, I bought some snacks too. And have no one to talk to."I said and she pats my back.

"Well let me introduce myself, I'm Nora. Seventeen and very antisocial but will talk to people who I think are like me."She said frowning and pointing things out with her finger.

"I'm Sara, seventeen, boring and bothersome."She stared at me and rolled her eyes.

"You're not the only one."I walked with her to my mother which was by her mother.

"See you later."I nod as my mother moved and I followed.

I put the Asian sweets in the cart. She goes the register and pays for whatever as I put them in the cart. We leave as I push the cart and go by the car.

"Dude! When are we going to that kabob place again? I'm hungry."I rolled my eyes as he continued to whine while playing on his phone.

"Just shut up!"I said in my loud voice as I could and he glared at me.

"MOM, I'm hungry. Let's get food!"She just drove to the Kabob house and we got out.

I got in and sat looking at the cute flower on the table. I stare at the menu all of a sudden because of how hungry I was.

We ordered and waited for the food. I stare at my brother as he kept turning his eyes on mother.

"How was school?"I heard her ask us and I frowned.


My brother told her and she smiled at him. She seems to be off today. I guess she met her friends that's why.

"And you?"I scoot away from her a little and didn't look at her.

"Fine,"I said and felt a hand in my shoulder which made me flinch.

"Mother, I'm fine. Just don't know why your worrying for nothing."I said and she moved her hand away.

"Has your father been coming home early, he's taken off his scheduled time? I don't really know what's he been doing but has he been cooking at home because it seems nice when I get home."I look at my brother and he shook his head.

"No, Sara's been cooking. Dad gets home a few minutes before you do."I sighed and looked at Hamid with a glare.

"I didn't know that You've grown a lot."

"Mother stop being so sympathetic to me, it's not going to change anything,"I said and stood up.

"I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be back,"I told them and walked to the bathroom.


"What are you eating?"Nora asked as I bite into a chocolate pretzel.

"Pocky,"I said as she took one and tried it.

"Not bad, OH GOD!"She screamed looking at the window and I looked to see the girls.

"I swear that scared the heck out of me."She said as I turned to her and turned her phone off.

"If they see the light they will know we are here. Just keep eating."I said as she nods eating Hot Cheetos.

"I'm wondering why they are looking into my car."I look at the car next to us and rolled my eyes.

"The car next to us belong to this group. I forgot that their car is between ours."I said and she frowned.

"So they know we are eating and we are in here."I nod and she stared at them.

"I'll go out and ask them what they want,"I told her as she nods.

I open the door and got out. I knew that Nora locked the car which was a good thing.

"Hey, look."I stare at these girls who are just smiling and pointing at me.

"How are you, Sara? I haven't seen you in a while."Dunya said as she came by putting her arm around me.

"I won't give you snacks that's what I'm going to tell you. Just go mind your own business because your mother will be mad when she finds out her daughter is asking for food and outside the masjid."I said as she moved her arm away from my shoulder.

"And that's why no one likes you. Your ugly anyway I bet you poisoned those snacks."I saw them get into their car and I turned to Nora's car.

It unlocked and I got in. I closed the door quickly and locked it. It's so cold outside.

"They are just rude."I looked at Nora as she frowned.

"Who do those bitches think they are? I know they aren't thinking they look like Katrina Kaif because that's not even a hundred percent true!"I laughed as she smirked drinking her soda with a pinky up.

"I hold my pinky up like that too. I'm such a royal duchess."I said in a British accent doing the same.

We both laughed and kept eating while talking about Hindi movies like it wasn't the first time we've met.

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