Chapter 22

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Bury a Friend | Billie Eilish

I walk into the school and hear laughs behind me. I knew it was Olivia, Unique and Melissa. I saw Mary and walked to her.

"My dear friend would you like to get some breakfast before we get to class."She asked winking at me.

"I'm not hungry, but I'll wait for you."

I walk with her to the canteen and she went to get breakfast. I stood waiting for her and sighed.

I didn't feel hungry because I didn't want to eat. I think I lost my appetite and I don't feel so good either.

I waited till she came and we went outside to sit on the bench. She gave me a paper and I stare at it.

"Can you help me with the math homework? Just give me some tips. That's all I want."She said and I rolled my eyes.

"Anyways how was your weekend?"She asked me as I wrote the equations and keys.

"Fine, I was talking to a friend all weekend."I smiled and she coughed.

She was actually cool, compared to Mary. Nora was calm and Mary is the opposite. She's crazy and not normal.

But honestly, it was fun. We just talked about food, movies, tv shows, and other stuff. Like some beef about our school.

Since all I know is that my school is not great. Trust me, it's not.


"A friend I met at my masjid,"I said as I look at her smile.

"Her name is Nora. And she's honestly like you. Annoying, rude--."She threw a napkin at me which made me laugh.

"Oops sorry."I threw her paper at her face and laughed again.

"Oops sorry, my hand slipped."She glared at me and took the paper.


"Your grades for the project are now in, check them as if you like and ask me questions during this time."

I go on my phone and started looking at the grade. I clear my history and turned it off. I turned my phone and crossed my arms.

"I got an A plus on that,"Jin whispers next to me and I bit my lip.

"Well done partner."I heard him say and I turned to him as he had a grin on his lips.

"Yeah, you too,"I said with a fake smile and turned to grab my bag.

I picked my phone and went to the teacher. "Is it alright if I can use the restroom?"

"Yeah, take the hall pass."

I took the hall pass and got out walking to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and went into the stalls. I locked it and sat. I held my bag tight and held my breath.

I don't know why I feel hurt. I am just tired. All I want to do is just throw my anger and frustration. Just to cry out loud.

I don't know either why I feel like even if I cry, I won't cry enough. I won't be empty because there will be more problems and more things to cry about. Over and over again.

"Okay, So I have some makeup we should try. Honestly, I might look ratchet."I stare at the confused or either wanting to laugh a little.

Ratchet? That was an old school word.

"Who uses that word, Hayley!"I bit my lip and got up to flush the toilet.

I know it was a waste of water but they would think I used the restroom without flushing it.

And I need to get back to class. I wipe my tears with my sleeves and got out. I went to the sink to wash my hands and felt them stare at me.

I grab a napkin and wipe my hands. I threw it away and walked to class to see Mary walking.

"Hey?"I nod and she held papers in her hands.

"What's that for?"I asked in a raspy voice as she chuckles.

"I'm getting a job and I had to hand my slip to notify school or I can't get into the job."

"But why is your voice? You sound like you hit your period on the other side."I shook my head as she looked at the door.

"Well, I got to go turn this in."She said walking to the door as some guy opened it.

Does my voice really sound like I hit something? I mean it feels raspy but I wouldn't think it would sound like some guy who's just hit puberty.

I'm still confused. But more the fact I could tell people only notice things they want. Not what they need. I know my eyes are red, and yet no one said anything about them.

And yes, I didn't care if they did or didn't. It's none of their business. They shouldn't get into people's way because they are supposed to deal with their own.

I went back to class and handed the pass. I sat and looked at Jin who was staring at me.

"You took long! Like did you have a party in there?"I rolled my eyes and felt something on my face.

I look at the napkin and feel it brushing onto my skin. He frowned and I moved back.

"Stay still, geez you're a handle."I glared at him as he smirked.

"You know, we are the only one who passed with an A in the project! Let's have a celebration?"I shook my head and push his napkin off my face.

"No, because there are other more projects we have to take this semester. And more than the last quarter."

His eyes widen and looked at the napkin with this furry in his eyes.

"No...No!"I glared at his dramatic act as he stood up making everyone stare at him.

"Where is the sign-out sheet!"He asked and the teacher pointed to the clipboard.

"If you need to use the bathroom just take the pass."He walked and took the pass leaving the class with a wink.

He got outside screaming 'Yes' and I was shocked he even did that. I look at the teacher who rolled her eyes.

"Like every other student, wanting to get out of class."

He's so freaking dramatic!

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