Chapter 33

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All My Friends | AJ Micheal

I looked at the clock on the wall and it was almost time for the bell to ring.

"I have to go to my history class, I'll see you at lunch,"I said and Mrs.Hattington smiled.

"Alright dear, have a good morning in class."I gave her a fake smile.

I'm not excited to leave or even walk. I know they will call me out and want to talk to me. I don't want to be bothered by them.

I'm not scared or afraid. I'm just worried that people will know somethings going on and they could embarrass me.

I nodded and walked out of the door and see Jin getting up. He walked to me and waved at the boys who stared at me with a smirk.

"Is that you Sara? Long time no see."I gulped as my own brain is to shocked.

They know my name? How is that even possible. I never told them my name.

"You guys know each other?"I look back at Jin who looked at me confused.

"Yeah, She was in P.E with us Freshman year."

They were in my freshman p.e class. And I didn't know. I mean I couldn't remember anyone since I was going through that stuff. I still don't know anyone except my teachers nowadays.

"Oh, why don't we go to class, Sara?"I nod and he smiled taking the handle of my backpack.

"I'll see you guys later."He told them and we walked out of the library.

I looked at Jin who frowned. He wasn't even looking the right way. Is something wrong?


He looked different too. I didn't notice how handsome he looked at the side. Just to point it out.

"Jin!"I called out again and he looked down at me.

Yes, I'm small. He's like five-eleven or something. I'm only five-one.

"Something wrong? You look lost."I told him and he shook his head giving me a smile.

"Since your classes switched, where are you going?"He asked me and I frown.

"Same from my last period. But are you sure your okay? It's okay to tell me."I said and he sighed.

"I didn't know we had the same P.E class during freshman year."I shook my head laughing.

"That's what you were worried about? I didn't know anyone from p.e for two years that I've gone. Don't worry about it."

The bell rang and my eyes widen. I turned around as I felt him let go of my bag. I smiled at him as he raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, go to class. I'll see during break?"I asked and he smiled.

"Nah, Ima follow you."I rolled my eyes and walked ahead to see my teacher holding the door.

"See you later!"I said and he smiled as I walked in.


"Hey, I'll be back. If that's alright with you? I have to meet a friend of mine."I nod and smiled at him.

"Sure. I'm going to meet the office because of the ACT slips."I said and he nods then walked away.

I went to the office to get the sheet and walked to my English class to get it signed. The teacher did sign it and was glad. She's honestly amazing and I do love her.

"Miss. Tarren, do you think it's okay if could help me maybe study for it? I just don't want to fail since I'm paying for it."I asked her as she smiled.

"Of course dear, if you want you could also come in the early morning or during your lunch. My door is always open."I nod as she gave me my sheet back.

"I hope for the best for you!"She told me with a grin as she pushed her glasses back.

"Thank you! I'll see you tomorrow."I told her and she nods.

I got out and hear shouts. But why does it sound familiar? And where is it coming from?

"Bro Chill!"

I looked and my eyes widen. Jin was pulled by some guy with blond hair that looked like a surfer boy from the beach. His flamingo shirt, blue shorts, and white sneakers.

Compared to Jin who was just all in a black shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers. They look completely different.

"You shouldn't be talking about her like that, at least she has more respect than you!"I heard him scream about to punch the other boy.

"Jin stop it! You don't want to get suspended, it's your last year."I stare at the surfer boy.

What's going on? And what are they talking about? Who's she?

"I mean that's not what I think. I mean Unique was my girlfriend and she did jump on me."

My eyes widen and stared at Uniques ex! He's the one who's been spreading the rumors!

"She would never do that! You just lied to hurt her! Your fucking stupid ass can't even get the girl he loves so that's why you have to fake everything to hurt someone else! But guess what! You're still hurt!"I shook my head and sighed.

He doesn't need to defend me. He could just let it go and calm down. Allah knows the truth and he will get back to those who deceive him over jealousy and hate.


I saw their rage on how they both were trying to fight while their friends try to push them away.

"How COULD you hurt a human being! You're disgusting."I raise an eyebrow and heard the door open behind me.

"I forgot, here is the other slip."I stare down at the slip and smiled.

"Thank you."She nods and heard her phone class ring.

"Remember to get a signature from the other teachers. Including your math teacher."I nod and she walked in.

I walked away and frowned looking at the slips. They aren't the same. So why did she give me this slip with a blank paper?

I turned it and looked to see a note. What did she mean by this?

"Don't get into a fight, just because people are getting hurt. Doesn't mean you will either. Don't watch the negative but walk away from it."

I held it, maybe I should give this to Jin. Seems like he needs it. I get it now.

"Hey!"I turned and saw Jin smiling with a bruised jaw.

"What happened to you!"I asked him and he chuckled.

"Ah, this is my friend Cody, Cody's meet Sara."I nod and frowned.

I saw Cody's eyes with a bruise and a cut on his nose. Did they actually fight them?

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