Chapter 47

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I put the food on the dinner table, I even had to put rice since it's my fathers favorite and felt someone behind me. I jumped and turned to see Jin.

"What?"I asked him and he smiled taking my arm to go up the stairs.

I got into my room and see a red 2pc suit and a black fabric shirt. I look at him confused and he smirked.

"It would look nice on you."I stare at him with wide eyes and gulped.

"J..Jin I don't think I could take this."I said and he frowned.

"You have to, it's a gift. Don't be so stubborn."I nod as he picked it up.

"Try it on. Are you wearing a scarf?"I nod and he looked at my wardrobe.

"It's the third one on the left. But I think a black would look fine."I said and he pushed me out of my own room.

I go to the bathroom and change. I got out and went to him and he stared at me. He put a scarf on my head and tried to put it on. I laughed and he looked at me confused.

"I'll do it myself."I said and he frowned.

I put it on and put a pin on the side. I grabbed the necklace and frowned. I put my phone and earphones in my pocket just in case.

"Wear the eye she says. It won't let the people put black magic she says."I said and heard a chuckle.

"Your talking about your mom aren't you."I nod and felt the necklace taken out of my hand.

"You look better than I imagined."

I stared at him confused as he put the necklace on my neck. Why does he make me feel like the sugar to my chai? That's how I'm feeling right now.

I couldn't really understand why I felt weird but now I do. He's the sugar to my chai. Astagfirallah I said it.

"You know you were going to say something last night before you were called."I looked at him and nodded.

"I...I was actually--."

"SARA! MOMS HERE AND WHERE IS MY SODA!"I groaned and went to grab a soda.

"It's cold here, someone it is. Touch it."I said holding the bottle and he does.

"Wow, I was wondering why your room was cold compared to your brothers room or outside of this room."I nod and we both got out of my room.

I went downstairs and saw my brother smiling. He ran and grabbed it then went back to sit down.

"Oh Hello Mr.Diaz."I smiled and he nodded with a smile.

"Hello Sara."I felt a hand on my back and turn to see my mother.

"I'll be going, see you later."I said and looked at Jin who faked smiled.

I went with my mother and grabbed the heels. I put them on and frowned. They feel uncomfortable. We left and she didn't say a word when we got into the car.


I got inside as the ladies smiled at me. I said hello to everyone and talked to a few girls. I go help Nora as she was glad I was here.

"Hey can we talk?"She asked and I nod smiling.

"Okay, let's go to my room."I followed her to her room and she closed the door.

"I want to tell you something. It's been hard since I only trust you and no one else."I nod and she sighed.

"So I've been here for a few months right, and guess what?"I frowned at her and she groaned.

"Remember when I told you about the guy last time?"I nod and my eyes widen.

"You like him?"She nods and played music so it was over our voices.

"Yeah, and I don't know what to do."I said and I chuckle.

"If you loved him, does know about your religion. Never mind you wear a scarf. But does he know your parents?"I asked and she sighed.

"He does. He's met them. On accident."I stare at her confused and she sighed.

"Before we talked. He fought with my father over the last Doritos chips."I raise an eyebrow and she frowned.

"It was ranch, okay."

"But do they hate him?"I asked and she shook her head laying on her bed.

"No. And I don't know what to do?"

"You know I also have a problem like this. The topic of love."I said as she stared at me.

"How so?"She asked and I sighed turning to her.

"So there is this guy. He's my neighbor. We've been friends for six months I think. But listen to this. He likes me. And he told my father about it. But I don't know about my feelings about him."I told her and she nods.

"That means he converted to Islam for you."I frowned and she shook her head.

"Do you have feelings for him?"I looked at her desperately lost.

"I don't know. I feel weird in my stomach, I usually feel safe and comfortable around him. He makes me feel like I would fall on my knees for him. And I sometimes feel like I'm out of breath when he's around. He's made me blush a few times. He reminds me of sugar to my chai. Or cheese to my nacho. Something like that."I said as she smiled.

"You like him."I just stare at her with wide eyes.

"When did he talk to your dad?"She asked me looking like she's dreaming.

"This morning, he even picked out my outfit. He tired to put on my hijab."Her eyes widen and jumped up making me jump.

"What else does he do?"I stare at her as she held my shoulders.

"He always brings me food, he sticks to me like glue with his friends. He's been helping me with my depression."She smiled nodding over and over again.

"He's the right one for you. He honestly cares, has he kissed you. Are you still a virgin?"I grabbed her pillow and threw it at her face.

"Ew. No!"I said and she laughed while I chuckled.

"But he has kissed my forehead. I don't think I'll go that far."I said and she laughed.

"I was kidding but still, good man. Take my word. You won't find someone like them around. Once a man loves you. Sometimes they are heard to leave. And eventually follow you forever."I nod and she sighed.

"And my mother hates loves marriage that's for sure. I think Ill marry my cousin from Pakistan."I rolled my eyes.

"That won't happen, by the way. Why did you ask me about the stuff?"I asked her and she sighed.

"Because my boy sounds like yours. He's white though."I chuckle as she slapped a pillow at me.

"Let's show who our boys are. Man I feel like those kids at the age of five having a sleepover talking about boys. But those were Americans. We are Muslims and should respect Allah and give him the love. And watch a bunch of tv or crying at Bollywood while covering our eyes when shahrukh khan was trying to kiss someone's neck."I laughed as she blabbered.

"Yeah. Oh and skip those nasty songs."I said and she gulped looking down at her phone.

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