Chapter 25

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I Don't Belong In This Club | Why Don't We

"Bishmillah."I whisper as I walk into the school gates and felt my shoulders pulled.

"What did you say?"He asked me and I looked at him confused when he smiled.

"Bismillah,"I said and he got in saying that word which made me feel like a proud mother.

He said Bismillah! This is working! He's becoming a good person. And he does seem happy.

I said it again and walked with him. He looked at me and I looked confused.

"I'm going to go to class and ask for work. I'll see you after school since I'll be studying technology. Because I'm smart."He moved his hand through his shoulder to move invisible hair.

He walked away and I shook my head biting my lip. I really didn't want to laugh, so I held it in.

I took a deep breath and walked confidently to class. I checked the time to see I'm a little early.

So instead of waiting. I wanted to go to the library nearby. I went to look for a book and found one.

Gift from the sea. It seems calming and the book itself seemed inspirational. I go check the book out and see a help wanted sheet on the wall.

"Can I ask about that?"I asked the librarian as she smiled.

"We just need someone put the books in during the morning and lunchtime. And probably work at the front desk."I smiled and nodded.

"So where is the sign-up sheet? I would love to help."I said and she grinned widely then handed me the slip.

"You can turn it in whenever you want, also can start whenever you want."I nodded and took my book with the slip.

I went to the desks and sat on a chair. I started filling up the form and handed the form to her.

"I'll see you at lunch."I smiled and went to go to class.

"Good morning Ms.Iman."

"Good morning Mrs.Greemer,"I said with a big smile and stopped at the moment.

"Mrs.Greemer, I think I would gladly switch your Calculus to your Calculus BC class."She smiled widely.

"That's great, I'll give you a form to send you to the counselor."She walked to her table and gave me a slip.

"Remind them I sent you there to change to only my class."I nod smiling widely.

"Of course."I walked to see Mary staring at me but I didn't care.

I moved on. And I think she should too.


I looked at Jin and he stared at me. I turned my head and kept walking to my class. I felt my arm pulled and taken somewhere. I looked to see Melissa and Unique.

They let go and the bell rang. I stare at them as they turned to me. We were in a bathroom. The girls obviously, but why?

"So your showing off aren't you?"I stare at them confused as I went back a little.

"No, I'm not. I'm not showing off. I'm doing what's right for me. I wouldn't really care about you."I said and felt a slap on my cheek.

"So you're saying everything you did was true?"I held my cheek and frowned.

"No, I'm not even talking about that. Now if you would excuse me, I have to go back to class."I said a little mad because I'm now tardy for this.

"I guess we'll be late because of you."I stare at them confused and felt pushed onto a door handle.

The pain struck through and I bit my lip. What are they doing? I felt a kick on my stomach and I coughed out.

"What? Are you going to fight or sit there like a weakling?"I look up at them as I held my stomach tight from the pain.

"No, not both. I'll let them watch you do it. I won't use violence for this."I said as Unique pulled my hair.

"Keep kicking her."She told Melissa with a smirk.

I get feeling kicked as she kept pulling my hair. I held it and bit my lip from either screaming or shouting. I don't need help.

The harder the pull from my hair was the hard the kicks got. I tried to pull her hands off my hair and make her let go but it didn't happen.

I groan loudly and they stopped. They eventually walked out smirking without saying anything.

I burst into tears. It hurt. A lot. I got up from the floor feeling numb everywhere. I looked at the mirror and my eyes widen.

I need makeup to cover this. I need to hide this. This isn't going to work.

I looked down and went to find my makeup bag. But it wasn't inside my bag at all. Why am I going to do?

I finally found my makeup bag and fix the messed up part of my face. My eye had a bruise, my lip was cut on the corner, I had a bump on my forehead and my cheek was swollen.

Not only that my body feels the same way. Numb and in pain.

This is what happens when I stick up for myself. If I didn't, I would've gotten the same treatment.

I can't be confident or proud anymore. I'm...I can't give up but I have no choice. Not for that long, I can't. I can't be happy.

I finished and looked at my results. It's not that great but it did hide what was purple. I fix my hair into a bun. Even though my scalp hurts.

I started packing up and went out of the bathroom. I went into my choir class and see my teacher with a smile.

"I'm sorry I'm late,"I said and he shook his head smiling.

"It's fine, you seem going hard on yourself. Relax. I won't make you tardy but next time I will. Since it's your first time."I nod and went to my seat.


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