Chapter 48

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No Sleep | Martin Garrix & Bonn

I got home and sighed. It's five in the morning. There was a bunch of traffic and all I did in the car was eat.

My stomach is starting to hurt. My mother told me not to, during the whole ride. We even went to Taco Bell just to get some food. I groan and she opened the door.

Your fat, stop eating.

I looked up and walked inside. I felt something acidic rise up my throat. It burned and tasted disgusting.

"Mother I'm going to throw up."I groan and took off my shoes running to the bathroom.

I go by the toilet and held my stomach. I felt it come through and push my stomach. I groan and started to throw up the food I ate. I coughed and wiped my tears.

"I told you not to eat too much. I'll go make something for you to eat."I nod as she left the door open.

Stop eating. Your fat and ugly. Nothing will change if you eat.

I felt it come through again and I coughed. This is just disgusting! I hate throwing up!


I groan and felt a hand on my back rubbing up and down. I wait for it to come before I could say anything.

"I ate too much,"I said throwing up in the toilet then sighed.

I stayed there for a few minutes and took a deep breath. I flush the toilet and went to wash my face for wudhu.

"Feeling better?"I nod and walked out to go see my mother cooking.

"I'm going to pray and be right back,"I said and she nods rubbing her eyes annoyed.

I went upstairs to my room to pray and coughed. It still stuck in my throat. I just hope I don't have to throw up again.


I ate as I hear how quiet the house is. My brother is getting ready for school and my mother said I shouldn't go.

Again I don't want to miss school anymore since it's bad for my attendance. I finished up and went to go change into some black jeans and a white blouse. I put some makeup on and start grabbing my bag after I finished.

I walked out and down the stairs. I saw my brother and he smiled.

"You should stay home, you and mom came home a half an hour ago."I shook my head and put my shoes on.

"I don't want to keep missing school,"I said and got out to see Jin.

"Good morning,"I said and he smiled at me.

"Good morning."

"Jin, push her inside the house. She won't listen to me."I glared at him and kick his leg then he groans.

"What's going on?"I shook my head and gave Jin a smile.

"Nothing, why don't we leave?"I asked and he nods confused.

"I won't say I told you so!"Hamid said and I saw him walk away.

"Anyways, What did you guys do yesterday?"I asked him and he smiled.

"So we talked about Islam and pretty much watched a soccer game."

"My mom came after that to take your brother to the doctors. And he came back smirking for some reason."I chuckle and nodded.

It's so nice of him taking. He doesn't usually talk that much. But for me, I talk like I'm giving a radio speech.

"He might've called me and told me they made him sit for two hours,"I said and he stared at me.

"You complained."I nod and he rolled his eyes playfully.



"Sara! My princess, how are you?"Cody's asked and I chuckle.

"I'm good. You dyed your hair pink."I said as he smiled point at the flamingo at the side of his teal shirt.

"Yeah, love my flamingos."I giggle and he played with his hair.

"You look like a clown,"Jimmy told him and he glared at him.

"So How was everyone's weekend?"Fransisco said typing on his phone.

"Boring, my little sister kept crying. That girl wakes you up at three am in the morning."Jimmy said and shaking my head.

"That's why you're wearing PJs today."I looked at his Ben ten PJs and laughed.

"It's a Monday."

"Well, I for one went to Las Vegas on Friday night and saw the flamingo on Saturday."I shook head with his flamingo obsession.

"It was okay, I mean a lot happened,"I said and Jin nods laughing at Jimmy.

"My older sister came and took me to the mall. Can anyone come with me today? She's going to kill me."Fransisco stares at me and I gulped.

"I don't like shopping. But I guess I could go."I told him and slowly covered my mouth to yawn.

"Anyways. What did you both do since a lot had to happen?"Cody asked with a raise of an eyebrow.

"Well, my parents decided to move out. But still giving me time to stay and graduate here."I said and looked at Jin.

"Oh, and I did come from my friend's house just this morning. I think I came at five in the morning or something. Don't ever eat too much food when you're in traffic."I shook my head in disgust.

"So that's why your brother was telling me to push you back into the house."I looked at Jin as he had a smirk plastered on his face.

"What are you thinking about?"I asked him and he shook his head looking at me.


That's weird. He just looking at the wall. That's when I heard the bell ring and frowned.

"Well, I'll go to class. I'll see you all later!"I said and they nod.

"Go to class!"I said as Jin chuckles and nodded his head.

"Okay."I saw him walk and he looked at me with a smile.

I shook my head at him and went walking to my class. I saw Mary looking at me and I rolled my eyes. I went inside my class and the teacher smiled.

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