Chapter 58

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Beautiful Scars | Maximillian

I need the voice to stop but what can I do? When all I could hear is the voice over and over again.

I keep cutting myself and it's not even right. It's wrong. Nora is right, I have to tell someone or I'll just follow what the voice will say.

No one would believe you. They will think you're possessed.

I think that's true. I don't know what to do!

"Allah please help,"I whisper and heard a ring on my phone.

I picked it and looked to see a message from Olivia. My eyes widen in shock.

Olivia: Got you again!

Olivia: Seems like your a cutter, huh. Must suck.

Olivia: It's everywhere, it seems like you've fallen into your own trap.

Olivia: Thanks to the boys, seems like they did well with the plan I made.

Olivia: Goodbye now.

Olivia: Psychotic Bitch.

What just happen? Is she serious, so all of what she apologized for was a lie.

Told you, no one cares.

She's right, no one cares. I'm a psychotic bitch. I can't even believe that I was so stupid. Now, what are they going to do?

Will my parents just send me to a mental hospital and the boys ignore me. They will leave me like they said so it must be true. They played me.

I should've known. Once a player is always a player. I'm just shocked he had to go this big.

"Sara?"I heard a knock on the door and looked at my phone with my hands shaking.

They still won't care, people who are rude or mean, can't change. They never will until you die.

I shook my head and turned off the phone. I put it down and let them knock.

Why am I always hurt? I'm either in pain or either in the shame of everything. Allah! Why did you make it so difficult!

"SARA! Open the door or I'll break it, AGAIN!"I sighed and went by the door.

If I let them break the door my parents would be mad since this door was fixed like a few months ago.

I touched the handle and turned to the lock. I twist the knob and opened to see Jin staring at me shocked.

How is he so calm? He did all of it anyway. He made this happen anyway. He caused me to feel the pain no one else could. How could he lie!

It's the way life is, it's a lie.

He came closer and I bit my lip. "Stop moving."

"Just stay a few steps back,"I told him slowly and he glanced back.

"Uh, Okay."He said walking back and stood there staring at my shirt.

"Sara? Your okay right? You seem like someone who's regretting and who's guilty."He told me and I glared at him.

"I'm fine, if that's what you're asking. Seems like someone is really playing a game."I told him and he raised an eyebrow confused.

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