Chapter 26

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Sunflower | Post Malone & Swaa Lee

"Would you like to help take these to the library, they've been here for a while."He said holding two books and I nod.

"Thank you."I take the books and went walking out to the library.

The door opened as someone held it. I turned my head and saw Jin. He smiled which made me feel weird inside.

"Aren't you going in?"I walked inside and gave the books to the librarian.

"Mr.Timp sent me to give these to you."She nods checking them.

"They always leave books in his class."She chuckles and I nod looking at the cart.

"Mrs.Hattington, I need a book for English. From Ms.French's class."She nods smiling.

"I'll get back to class."

I waved and walked out of the library. I was not even close to the class that I heard my name being called.

"Wait!"I turned and saw Jin running to me which made me stare at him confused.

"I...uh... sorry for yesterday, I...I know I should've never gotten into your business but I just wanted to help."I stare at him with some adore.

I shook my head off slowly and nodded my head.

"I forgave you already Jin. I...I guess I just didn't want to talk yesterday after what happened."I said as he smiled.

"Alright, cool...I'll see you at lunch?"I stare at him and nod.

"Just meet me at the library,"I said and turn my heel to walk back to class.

"Hey? Um, maybe we could talk about what happened?"I heard him say and sighed quietly.

"It's fine. It's already over anyway."I held my hand together and went walking by the door.

"See you later!"

He waved and I nod opening the door to walk back inside. I sat on my chair and grabbed the book from my bag to read.


I walked putting the books back in its place and pushing the cart to move around.

"So I'm confused so he kills himself?"I stare at him and nod.

"Yeah, because his wife was sentenced to death into thinking she did witchcraft,"I told him and he snickered.


"Well, you just spoiled it for yourself and did not read the book,"I said putting a book into the shelf.

"I think you just keep reading why and how stuff happens, I mean she might give a test for it,"I said and he stared at me.

"But why would I have to read it when I can have all the answers from you?"I rolled my eyes and stood in front of it.

"Because sometimes I won't be there in life to help you, you have to get back up yourself. Think about the moment now and not tomorrow."He smirked at me.

"You got a way with words."I rub my hand at the back of my neck.

"Yeah, I do. Now go sit and read a few pages."I said and he frowned.


He walked to a couch and sat. He smiled and stared at the book. He finally opened it. I turned and continued doing my work.

"Hey, Sara?"I looked to see my brother Hamid smiling with some books.

"What? Are you finally reading?"I asked him and he rolled his eyes.

"For your information yes I am and that's because I'm a scholar. But I want to ask, what do you want to be when you grow up?"I heard him say and I put a book on the shelf confused.

"That's a random question to ask. But I honestly don't know. How about you?"I asked him and he frowned.

"I don't know either, technology is hard!"I stare at him closely and went to him.

"I mean yeah it is, but maybe take computer science class next year. It might get easy for you once you get the algorithm."I said as he sighed.

"But honestly this has a lot of work like any other career has, try working hard for it. And don't give up hope. If you do, it will become harder and you'll think it won't be worth it. Just trust yourself and Allah. He'll help for sure."I said as he nods smiling holding a book.

"Okay thank you, now leave me alone."I rolled my eyes and went back to putting books away.

I love writing as much as reading. I do love math, but sometimes I lose hope. I did love playing sports but after a traumatic episode. I stopped doing the things I love.

I stopped writing, I stopped taking care of the things I loved, which are plants. I used to have indoor plants and I would plant them a lot.

I love nature but an introvert has its ways. It's nice being home and taking care of the stuff at home rather than going outside to do them.

It's like saying 'I hate the sun but live for the moon.' It makes me feel happy sometimes when I'm out in the dark. It makes me feel different. Something good about it keeps me out at night.

I finished putting the books away and moved the cart back into its place. I got to Jin and he was just reading. I go sit on a chair and put my books on the table to start working on homework.

"So I am reading the book and it's confusing, the writing is just making me feel old and stupid."I turned to Jin who sat next to me.

"Don't you read these in drama class too?"I asked him and he nods.

"Just think what it could mean if you were to act,"I said and he looked at the book then at me.

"You're a genius."I rolled my eyes as he said that from the tip of his tongue.

I then felt a hand on my neck and see him looking at it. He pulled my sweater down a little and his angry grew.

"Who did this to you?"He growled and I gulped as he touched it.

"Ow, stop it."I flinch and he stared at me with his hazel eyes that were in worry.

"Are you alright?"I nod as he sighed letting his hands move away from me.

"Who hurt you?

What am I going to say? I don't want to talk about my problems here! Why would I!

"No one... I...I hit it with the shower pole this morning. It fell."He stared at me and sighed.

"Alright, but another bruise and you'll have to spill it out."I nod in relief.

There won't be any more bruises. Or any of your worries.

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