Save Her, Kill Him

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Jay's POV

I drove at an unimaginable speed, surpassing the speed limit on this highway. I had to arrive at the airport before that jet touched down. I gripped the steering wheel in frustration and anger, I changed plans at the very last minute once I received Emily's text message. 

She said she was on the plane with a man with 'yellow eyes and teeth' - I had no doubts that that was Killian. My jaw tightened, wondering how he was able to see through our plan. 

Was there a spy in our warrior force, who tipped him off? Or was this all a coincidence, and he was just expecting Elisia to be on the plane? Nonetheless, Emily's life was in danger. 

I had ordered twenty warriors to accompany me when we get her off Killian's hands. I had ninety stay behind to ambush the Rogue Warriors, who were expecting 'Elisia' near my territory. 

I frowned at the turn of events. Something tells me that Killian wasn't expecting us to swap Elisia with Emily, and that he decided to join the plane ride just for the fun of it. He must've been boiling with fury once he realised Elisia wasn't on the plane. He knows that we've figured out his plan.

Now I'm just praying he hadn't had the time to warn his Rogue Warriors to retreat from their 'hiding position'. 

The highway was roaring with our five large Jeeps speeding along the road to the airport, we were almost there. I had already contacted someone there who can let us in without delay, I also happened to know the leader in air traffic control. He informed me that once we arrived, we only had fifteen minutes to wrap everything up.

My stomach churned with regret, I felt so bad about Emily. She barely knew us, but still agreed to help despite the dangers. She got into this mess because of her kindness, I had to make sure she gets to safety. We turned into a side road, used only by airport staff, and zoomed past security.

"Gate 18, you'll see the sign." An officer called out once we reached the gates. It was a private shortcut to the air field, where the runways are. We entered the runaway area with our vehicles, easily finding Gate 18."

All twenty one of us got out the cars, armed with weapons. I walked over to the front of the group, and crossed my arms. My gaze was trained of the jet that was currently landing, we had made it just on time. 

There was fifteen minutes on the clock.

"On my orders." I said in the mind-link, reminding the warriors when they can act.

The jet slowly turned around and stopped right in front of us, we had a good view of the door. God, I hoped Emily was fine. Tuning my sensitive sense of smell, I couldn't smell any blood to my relief. 

I frowned in confusion, when another scent hit me instead.

I smelt...

The door opened suddenly, along with the stairs. Everyone stiffened, their hands tightening around their weapons. A flight attendant came into view first, raising her eyebrows at us in surprise and confusion. She started to make her way down the steps warily, she's just a human.

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