The Rogues Attack

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Erebus/Darkness POV

My smirk widened as I took in Elisia's figure as she stood in front of those leaders. Her aura had become much more powerful since the last time I saw her, she had developed into a fine Alpha. I had given her time to prosper and become who she is today, I've waited long enough. 

All I needed to do now is mate with her, so we can produce the strongest off springs in history. 

"You are the only female Alpha in the country, making you the most powerful female wolf. Surely, he's targeting you to mate with you and produce strong off springs. That is if he is as powerful as you say he is." 

My head snapped towards the Alpha who said that, impressed with how accurate his theory was. Ten points awarded to the man with the golden eyes, the Alpha who I believe is named 'Aron'. 

The corner of my mouth curled in amusement, none of them knew how different/special she really was. Elisia's Alpha rank wasn't the only thing that made her powerful. 

Theo stood up, a loud warning growl ripping from his chest as he regarded Aron with an angry gaze. "Those rogues won't lay another hand on her."

I raised an eyebrow at Elisia's hand caressing his arm, immediately calming him down. I leaned back onto a wall with a thoughtful expression, they were mates.

Elisia smiled brightly at the group of Alphas and Lunas. "The last, and best, announcement is that we're mates. If Darkness has any of those ideas, he'll have to deal with the both of us." 

I frowned, not at all happy about him being in the picture. He's a problem I'll have to get rid of. Thankfully, it didn't seem like they've completed the mate bond. But it was definitely past the initial stage, it'll be annoying to have her mope around so much when he dies. 

A Luna shifted in her seat, looking bored with the whole exchange. "So what does you being targeting have to do with us and our packs? Other than the fact that they can pose as humans?"

I couldn't help but chuckle, deeply amused by her words. I had revealed my presence a little earlier than I had planned, oh well. 

"That's a good question, lady." I vocalised, not yet revealing myself. I found it hilarious that these so called 'powerful' werewolves weren't able to sense me at all, I had been in the same room for a while. 

Elisia visibly stiffened, her eyes widening and also darkening with anger. Theo was already scanning the room, trying to find my location. The leaders looked uncertain about what was happening, probably in disbelief that there was a rogue amongst them. 

I scoffed at their stupidity. 


My gaze returned to Theo, watching his chest heave in rage. It was only when he yelled my name, that the rest had finally gotten into position to fight their unknown enemy. I watched them in annoyance, they think they're so important and yet, their power came nowhere near mine. 

My gaze focused back onto my future mate, except hers. 

"Where is he?" One Alpha roared. I smirked, anyone could see he was angry and frustrated. However, I could also sense fear and uncertainty emitting from him and several other leaders. 

So weak. 

It was then, when I decided that it was time I revealed myself. Concealing myself within the shadows, I slipped past them all and stopped by Elisia. 

Morphing into my physical self, I smiled at my audience who were gaping at me in disbelief. Not giving them the chance to speak, I faced the beautiful Alpha standing beside me and said, "Hello there."

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