Time to Fight

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I followed the guy out the building, where I was greeted by a few other people I didn't know.

I could already hear the loud and excited cheers; my heart began to race from excitement. I marched towards the large fighting cage, briefly taking in the huge crowd of people present. It looked like there were hundreds of people here, excited to watch what people have already named 'the fight of the year'.

The whole drama and built up tension between Irene and I on the internet and in real life will finally be addressed, through this match. Until now, people had only been betting and arguing who would win and now, it was finally happening.

I took a deep breath in and made my way towards the door I was told to stand at. I stopped and stood in front of a door that had 'Entrance 2' written above it. It was the door into the fighting cage; once you're locked in, you can't get out until there's a winner.

I'm assuming Irene is at the opposite end of the fight cage, probably at entrance number one. The corner of my mouth lifted a little, once again realising that I can finally make her pay for throwing herself at my mate. I can make her pay in blood...

...with no consequences.

I started jumping on the spot, rolling my neck and other joints to get me pumped up and limber.

That's when I finally heard the ring announcer start to speak.

"Okay! It's time!"

The crowd roared and cheered even louder, to the point where it was almost deafening.

"We are all lucky to witness the fight that that has gotten the werewolf community shaken!" The ring announcer continued, sounding entertaining. "It's the fight between Irene Wolf from The BlackShadowed Pack and Elisia Knight from The Imperial Pride Pack!"

The ruckus from the crowd increased as he said that. I couldn't recognise his voice, but everyone seemed to like him.

"Now, it's time to introduce our fighters! First up, Irene Wolf, also known as The White Devil! She's our very own Chief Warrior and, incredibly, remains undefeated! Here she comes!"

A loud clanging sound echoed and the cage vibrated a little, indicating that her door had been opened.

The crowd went crazy, showing support for their fellow pack member.

"Now everyone...behind that door over there, stands a very influential female wolf who's known to break stereotypes and kick ass. Elisia Knight, also known as the first ever female warrior in the country. She also remains undefeated. Here she comes!"

I smirked, feeling satisfied about my introduction.

The large metal door was wretched open, revealing me to the crowd. They cheered loudly as I stepped into the fighting cage. I stood tall and proud, waving to some people in the crowd who cried out my name.

Since the cage had a spherical shape, I did a 360 degree turn trying to spot my friends. Instead, I found myself looking at the ring announcer because I was curious as to who he was.

Like I thought, I didn't know him.

He stood on a seperate podium to everyone else and wore a prestine white suit. His light brown hair was styled to perfection and he had a showbusiness aura to him. He caught my gaze and winked at me, sending me a teasing smile.

I smile back unsurely, wondering if that's really his personality or a facade to be an entertaining ring announcer.

That's when I realised there was another podium of the same height right by him, which I realised was where everyone was sitting.

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