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"Let's hear it." I heard myself say.

Did I really want to find out what was going on between Theo and Irene?

"Okay." They nodded at each other. "We thought about it hard and agreed that it would be best if you knew the backstory regarding Theo and Irene."

Well, considering he's my mate, I would think so too.

"Yeah, not knowing what kind of relationship they have would get you worked up about it." Leona added, agreeing with Julian. "Julian will start from the beginning, because he was there since then."

While I agreed with her, I didn't like the use of the word 'relationship'. In fact, I would have preferred it if there was no kind of relationship.

Instead I said, "Go on."

"Theo has been through a lot from a very young age, and only people who lived in the Alpha Manor got to see that. That included the Beta and Gamma's children, which were Kobi, Irene and I." Julian began. "We were all very close and tried our best to help him get through it."

What had Theo been going through? Surely, the whole MoonKnight pack issue couldn't have had much impact on him. Accutely, maybe. But not chronically.

"But the thing is, Kobi and I were being trained to be the future Beta and Gamma so we couldn't always be there for him. He also wasn't always around because he was being trained as the future Alpha." Julian carried on, sighing.

"We were the only people around his age that knew about what he goes through, and we couldn't even be there for him. None of us except..."

"Except Irene." I finshed for him grimly.

Julian nodded. "She was one of the few people who knew Theo's situation and was always present to help him at all times. Unlike her brother, Kobi, she wasn't training to become anything so she had time to be with Theo whenever. She expressed an interest in him since a young age, so no one was surprised when she voluntarily stood by his side."

My wolf stirred within me, feeling discomfort at the thought of our mate spending time with Irene.

"At first, Kobi and I were grateful that she was able to help him when we were absent. However, as more time passed, we realised how much she relished being in Theo presence. I remember Kobi asking me 'is this normal?' because she would always be at his side for every possible second. When she wasn't with him, she'd constantly ask about him or gush about how amazing he is."

"I never spoke a word to her, and even I knew how obesessed she was." Leona spoke up, rolling her eyes.

"Her attachment to Theo got so bad, that she couldn't bare not seeing him for a couple of hours. When we were getting closer to the age of seventeen, she was almost certain that he was her mate and was sprouting this belief to everyone who crossed her path."

"She convinced a lot of people, and told everyone she'd be their future Luna." Leona revealed, shaking her head.

"What?" I exclaimed, sitting up straighter on my seat. "Where did she get the guts to say such an outrageous statement?"

They both shrugged. "It wouldn't be too hard to believe, especially since she's the daughter of a Gamma." Leona pointed out. "The mate of the Alpha is usually of Alpha blood, Beta blood or Gamma blood."

A silence stretched out of a couple of seconds.

I wasn't born from an Alpha, or a Beta or even a Gamma, and yet I was paired with an Alpha. I knew they were also thinking the same thing because they had curious expressions painted on their faces.

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