Night-time Visitor

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"What the hell!"

A surprised cry broke the moment we were having, making us look towards the source of the sound.

"The last time I was here, the door was attached to the doorway!"

A female in scrubs walked in with confusion and surprise written all over her face.

My eyes zeroed in on a tag that was clipped to her ID badge, it had RN written on it.

She's one of the registered nurses caring after me.

I felt Theo lean away and let out an exhasperated sigh, looking annoyed by the distraction.

I watched him curiously, wondering what he wanted to tell me. Was it important? It sounded like it was...

The nurse, however, seemed completely oblivious to the change in atmosphere when she busted in. She proceeded to rant about the door and blinds before she made her way to me.

She bowed her head at Theo and greeted him, "Alpha."

She turned to me with a bright smile.

"Hi, I've been your primary nurse. Call me Andrea."

I smiled at her. "Hi, I'm Elisia."

This made her laugh, like really hard.

"Of course, I know who you are!" She gushed, giggling a little.

"Ah, right." I laughed unsurely, taken aback by her personality.

"You're my patient! I have to know your name!" She continued to explain, nodding happily.

Ooh, that's quite interesting...

She hasn't mentioned the whole famous warrior thing, she's the first person I've come across to have done that...excluding Theo.

"And you're also the famous undefeated warrior!" She added a second after my thought.

And there it is!

"That's me." I replied, smiling a little.

"I just came to check up on you. Are you feeling any discomfort or pain?"

"Nope, I feel fine."

"That's good, I'll get going now. If you need anything, just press the red bell by your side and someone will be on their way."

I nodded at her as she proceeded to bow to Theo and leave the room.

"So what did you want to tell me?" I asked, wasting no time.

Theo watched me carefully before he opened his mouth to reply.


Another distraction?


I reluctantly turned towards the door and saw Jay standing at the doorway.

"Jay." I breathed, glad to see him. "Where the hell have you been?"

His lips curled up to form a relieved and happy smile. Those green eyes of his were filled with unshed tears.

He just chuckled as a reply and walked to my bed.

Theo sighed heavily, catching the attention of Jay. Thankfully, he didn't comment on it and stood on the other side of the bed.

"How are you feeling?" He whispered, stroking my hair in a comforting way.

I smiled up at him, "I'm hanging in there, cry baby."

"These are manly tears! Do you need me to get you something? Like food or ask the doctor to increase the dosage of painkillers?"

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