A Crazy Misunderstanding

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Theo's P.O.V

I'd been changing my sleeping position for the past ten minutes before I realised something was wrong. I woke up groggily, reaching for my phone on my nightstand and checking the time. Seeing the time woke me up completely, and I jumped out of bed in a hurry. 

Shit, my 'short nap' had become a two hours sleep without me realising. I should've put on an alarm since I was already feeling tired; organising a party last minute was not easy and my wolf hadn't fed since three days ago. I was in really bad shape.

I strolled towards the large mirror fitted onto my big wardrobe and checked how I looked. I fixed my hair and flattened out any crease marks I might've made on my navy, blue suit. I wore this suit specially to match with Elisia, I was hoping she liked the dress that I picked out for her. All Leona had to do is persuade her to wear it for tonight, I trust in her persuasive skills. 

My heart fluttered with anticipation and anxiety, I couldn't wait to see her. It had been a while since I've let myself feel such strong emotions, she does things to me that I've never thought were possible. She makes me feel excited, nervous, happy and giddy like a fucking high schooler. 

Years ago, I promised myself not to get close to my mate if I ever found her. My parents' relationship seemed to be absolute proof that 'love' never actually exists, but now that I've met Elisia...I can't help but think, this is real. True love lies with Elisia, I can feel it and see it, clear as day. 

She is the one. 

I took a deep breath in as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. The plan for this evening is to talk to her alone, and confess I wanted to take this confusing relationship we have to the next level. I wanted to finally accept each other as mates and lovers, all I could hope for is that she feels the same. 

I ran my hand through my hair, frustrated with the immense emotions coursing through me. Fuck, I really hope she feels the same.  

I was already running late, and haven't been present for most of the party. As the host, I should've been downstairs talking to guests and making them feel comfortable. I grabbed my phone hastily and slid it into my front blazer pocket. 

Just then, there was three consecutive knocks on my door. My heart rate increased immediately, thinking it was Elisia checking up on me. However, the scent was all wrong and presence didn't feel right. I knew who it was.

"Wait, I'll be right out." I called out curtly. 

The door was swung open despite the contents of my reply. Irene walked in with her usual, big smile and closed the door behind her. 

"Didn't you hear me say, 'wait' or 'I'll be right out'?" I sighed, putting my hands into my pockets. 

"I did, but I wanted to talk to you." She replied, looking down and fiddling with her fingers. I watched her with an eyebrow raised, confused by her intentions. I clearly knew she had a thing for me, and I never really cared or had a problem with that until Elisia happened. 

These days when I look at Irene, I feel bad because I took advantage of her feelings for me. I was so afraid and opposed to having a mate, that I used Irene to hurt Elisia. The first few weeks of Elisia's stay, I was afraid that she wanted to get as close as mates do so I pushed her away as best as I could. 

I pretended there was 'something' between Irene and I, pretended I was fine touching another woman who wasn't her and pretended that I didn't care or feel. But I did, I hated it. But back then, I thought it was necessary.

But I regret it.

So fucking much.

The time when I forced myself to hold Irene close to me, and catching a glimpse of Elisia's reaction was the worst I've felt in a very long time. Since mum died.

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