Unanswered Questions

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"I'm sorry." I mumbled, for like the 100th time.

"Stop apologising!" Jay begged, huffing as he plopped on my bed. "Just stop."

I pulled a face as a response. Due to the sudden turn of events, concerning my health condition, the day of the match was delayed to next week. That meant staying here one more week, which none of us wanted.

I felt guilty for being the reason that the time we're staying here had increased. Although no one had complained about it, I knew everyone wanted to be back home already. A wolf cannot stay away from their pack for too long.

We also decided not to inform Kaitlyn and Magnus about my 'respiratory problem'. Not until I got to a hospital and be fully examined. I don't want them worry about me more than they already do. If, God forbid, the problem is serious, then I'll have to tell them. But for now, I'm being quiet about it.

I was getting ready to leave and visit the hospital everyone was talking about. Apparently, their main hospital isn't even in this town but is in another.

Leona was happy to drive me there and keep me company and Julian was coming along because one of three (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) has to be present when escorting outsiders to another town. Of course, Jay insisted on coming, not that I could've convinced him not to come.

"Are you done packing?" Jay asked, watching me stuff more clothes into a bag. I decided to take a big duffle bag that I borrowed from Leona. It seemed more appropriate than taking my whole suitcase.

"Erm." I said, looking around in confusion. "Where did I put my washbag?

Groaning in frustration, I dragged myself to my suitcase, wondering if I packed it in there by accident.

"Is it the little bag with the tampons, toothbrush, toothpaste and stuff?" Jay asked, making me stop in my tracks. I looked back at him to see him unwrapping a tampon he got from none other than my pastel blue washbag.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, diving onto the bed to snatch my washbag. "You don't go through a girl's stuff."

"Too late." He laughed, fiddling with the tampon he unwrapped. "Don't these remind you of tea bags?"

I zipped closed the duffle bag after stuffing the washbag in it. "Tea bags?" I repeated, giving the room a once over. I have a talent in forgetting something important every time I travel.

"I'm not sure I want to ask why you thought that." I continued, shaking my head at him. "Grab your bag and let's go."

We walked out the room and rushed down the stairs where Leona said she'd meet us.

"Tampons look like tea bags, with the string hanging off it and the fact they both are immersed in liquid-"

"Okay, that's where you shut up." I interrupted, shuddering at how much he knew. "Because ew."

"What's ew?" Leona called out, appearing from a room. She also had a duffle bag in one hand and her phone in the other.

Seeing her phone automatically made me reach for my back pocket, where I usually put my phone. Feeling nothing but fabic, I rolled my eyes and sighed. Like I said, I have a talent in forgeting important things like my phone.

"Be right back guys, I forgot my phone upstairs." I announced, turning back and ran up the stairs.

"Not surprised." Jay muttered, loud enough for me to hear with sensitive hearing.

I jogged to my room, got in and found my phone under the pile of unwrapped tampons on my bed. No wonder I didn't see it earlier. Slipping my phone into my back jean pocket, I made my way back to the top of the stairs.

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