An Unexpected Twist

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Emily's POV

I waited patiently by the front door, every now and then checking for any signs of a car approaching. Theo mind-linked me, informing me that Elisia was on her way to my place. I let out a anxious breath, wondering how everything was going to go down. 

I sat on the lowers steps of my staircase, recalling the conversation I had on the phone with Theo earlier. He explained that there was a rogue problem and that they were after Elisia. 

I had to admit, I don't know too much about her other than her reputation as the first female warrior in the country. Of course, I got to know about her peculiar chest problem due to my brother informing me.

Just as I was about to take on her medical case, Theo reassured me that it was sorted and that they have found the cause of the problem. Of course as a medical professional, I was apprehensive and didn't believe him. However after analysing her results, I believed the cause of her chest pain was figured out. 

Ethan was right about his suspicions, her chest pain has nothing to do with her physical health. It was plausible that she had figured the reason of her pain all on her own, that's why I stepped back and closed the case. 

I was curious to get to know her, what kind of person is she? Theo seems to be hell-bent on protecting her...

I heard a car pull up in my driveway, making me stand up and rush to open the front door. I watched Drew get out the drivers seat and rush to the other side to open the other door. The passenger beat him to it, and opened the door before he could.

"I'm supposed to open the door for you." Drew teased her, stepping back as she hopped out. 

"You don't have to do that for me." The passenger chuckled. She closed the door shut, noticed me by the door and waved with a bright smile. 

I was a little taken aback, but waved back nonetheless. I watched her approach me with a shy smile, to which I smiled back.

"Do you mind if we talk for a while before you whisk me away to the airport?" I asked Drew with a smile.

"No problem, take your time." He said, turning the engine off. "I'll just chill in here." 

He leaned his chair back and brought his phone out to watch something. I looked away and settled on the girl in front of me, I had to admit - she was gorgeous.

She watched me with a shy expression, her gray eyes searching for any hostility from me. Her brown hair was wavy and very long, reaching waist length. There was a feeling of innocence surrounding her, you wouldn't ever imagine someone like her be a warrior.

She looked almost angelic, besides one thing.

"Why are you covered in blood?"

She looked down at herself in surprise, taking in her blood stained outfit. 

"Ah, rogues." She shrugged, waving it off. I stared at her, understanding it was wrong to underestimate her based off her looks. 

"Right, come in." I said, widening the door for her to come in. I glanced at Drew to see if he also wanted to come in, but it looks like he made himself very comfortable. I closed the front door behind me and gestured for her to go down the hall. 

We reached my living room and sat down on the sofas before speaking. 

"Hello, I'm Emily." I introduced myself. I was hoping to find out what she's like.

"I'm Elisia, it's nice to meet you."

"Congratulations on your win." I said, referring to the Irene and Elisia fight.

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