The MoonKnight Pack

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"Are you done?"

I gave myself one long look in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. Entering my hospital room, I smiled at Jay, who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I'm ready." I replied, walking towards my duffle bag.

The duffle bag Theo packed proved to be very useful the last couple of days I spent in hospital; I was still very grateful.

Jay frowned as he took in my outfit. "Is that a new hoodie?"

I looked down at what I was wearing, black jeans and Theo's large, black hoodie. The clothes he packed for me to wear when I leave the hospital.

"Kind of." I responded, shrugging. I kept my distance from him, ensuring he doesn't get a whiff of Theo's scent from my clothing.

"So where are the others?" I asked casually, putting on my trainers.

I was curious what the others were up to, but I was more curious about Theo. Including everyone in my question doesn't make it obvious who I was asking about.

"Erm, well. Last night, I heard Julian and Leona flew out because of emergency pack business. Kobi has to take on their work load as well as his, so he's a little stressed." He replied, ticking almost everyone off the list.

I stayed quiet, anticipating what he had to say about Theo, but was disappointed when he stopped there.

I wanted to sigh in disappointment out loud, but kept it in. I wanted to know what he'd been up to, damn it!

Ever since the night he slid into the covers with me, all I could think about was him.

Why did he leave without saying goodbye?

Was it something I did or said?

I knew he didn't leave in the middle of the night because I woke up at one point and he was knocked out. I was surprised to be engulfed by his strong arms and overwhelmed by his delicious scent.

I woke up, once again, early morning to find him gone from by my side.

I thought, maybe he had to sneak out to avoid any confrontation with the medical staff. However, he hadn't visited me since then.

I huffed audibly, resulting in getting a surprised glance from Jay..

"Let's go." He said when I stood up.

We walked out of the room and made our way to the main entrance/exit of the hospital, not forgetting to thank and say our goodbyes to the medical staff.

We walked to the parking lot, and got into what looked a lot like Leona's Jeep.

"Isn't this Leona's car?" I asked, putting the seatbelt on.

"Yeah, she said I could use it to pick you up."

We drove to the Alpha Manor in comfortable silence. I checked my messages for the first time in a long time to find congratulatory messages from my pack members.

I glanced at the date and widened my eyes in realisation. "Jay, your graduation is next week!"

"Already?" He exclaimed, sounding equally as surprised.

I nodded and chuckled. "It's crazy how time flies by."

"I'm allowed to bring three people; mum, dad and you." He confirmed, not taking his eyes off the road. "Now that the match is over, Theo has no reason to delay our departure."

My heart sank at the thought of not seeing him again. Is it even possible to stay away from your mate for long?

"What if he doesn't allow us to go before your graduation?" I piped up. "According to the terms and conditions we agreed to, he has the say in when we can leave."

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