Touch The Light

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Elisia's POV

"Oh, hey girl. I didn't know you stayed overnight again." Emily retorted when she entered the room.

I had spent yet another night in Kaitlyn's hospital room. Unfortunately, she still had not woken up from her coma. I smiled and put a finger on my lips, pointing to a sleeping Magnus on another bed. 

He had barely left his mate's side, dropping most of his responsibilities onto his Beta. Despite everyone begging Jay to rest, he had taken the opportunity to take on the Alpha responsibilities to distract himself. 

It had been two weeks since the rogue attack on this pack, and everything was slowly going back to normal. Theo had to fly back to his territory to attend to his, no... 

Our pack. 

The news that I was an Alpha blood, and Theo Hunter's mate had spread like wildfire. Literally everyone knew about us, and I loved it. He was working hard in officially merging the packs, and my transfer will happen tomorrow. 

I had delayed my transfer in the hopes that Kaitlyn would wake up, and be there when I officially leave her pack. The MoonKnight Pack members had heard about me, and are expecting my arrival soon. It was getting hard to delay this any longer...

I leaned over her face and kissed her forehead. "Good morning." 

Emily quietly left the room, giving us space.

Everyone spoke to her, despite her not being able to respond. Emily encouraged us to do so, she was positive that Kaitlyn could hear us. "It's another beautiful day, and everyone has pretty much gone back to their usual routines. It's been peaceful since the attack, no sign of rogues near our borders." I filled her in as usual. 

I let out an inaudible sigh. It was hard seeing someone as lively as her, be verbally and physically held hostage by this coma. Emotions overrode me at that moment, opening the telepathic channel I had with her. 

Everyone else had tried to mind link her, to see if she could communicate that way. But that wasn't the case, they heard nothing. Because of that, I hadn't bothered to try myself. However, at that moment, something pushed me to try. 

"I wish you'd wake up." I mind-linked her. 


I sighed sadly, the silence was a sign of the harsh reality. 


My eyes widened, welling up with tears when I heard her voice. "Kaitlyn?" I cried, not believing it. 

"Oh, sweetheart." She whispered, her voice breaking. "I can't believe it."

Was this really happening?

"Nor can I!" I exclaimed, happiness engulfing me. "But you sound so faint." 

"So do you." She commented in a hushed tone. "I can see you."

I narrowed my eyes in confusion. "What? How?" 

"You're, like, this bright light." She started to describe me, her voice filled with wonder. "I want to come closer, and see." 

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