"Alpha" = Pain?

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"Ms Williams?"

I instintively crouched down, hoping to appear less visible if he looked through the window.

Of course, that wouldn't hide the fact that I'm here. He must've smelt my scent by now. Why did Theo come here out of all places?

"Well, aren't you going to open tbe door?" He called out, sounding amused.
Ugh, he knows I'm in here. Scanning around the room, I couldn't see any possible exit for me to use without him knowing.

The lady, whom Theo called Ms Williams, looked at me in panic. She was visibly shaking, making my heart twist in guilt and sympathy. She trusted me enough to disclose information about herself and is now faced with the crisis of opening the door to the Alpha she fears. Well, I'm assuming that's who she was scared of the entire time.

Sighing inwardly, I mouthed reassuring sentences to her.

"Don't worry. Let me talk."

Walking towards the front door, I racked my brains, desperately trying to think of an excuse as to why I'm here.

I opened the cottage door, revealing Theo in all his handsome glory. He still had the same expensive suit on, but now had his sleeves rolled back down and buttoned.

His perfect stone cold, expressionless face told me he expected me to open the door. He didn't even look a bit suprised.

Trying to downplay how suprised I was by his visit, I leaned on the door frame and looked at him steadily.

"What brings you all the way here?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Are you asking me what I'm doing on my territory? He questioned, eyes slightly narrowing.


"Is it a crime to ask?" I asked, acting shocked. I put my hand on my chest to be more dramatic. "I'm afraid I am not familiar with your pack's policies."

He cocked his head a millimetre to the left, as though he was trying to figure me out. I used the time to think of an answer to his next question.

"Very funny." He said dryly. "The Alpha does the interrogating here."

His icy blue eyes pierced through me when he said, "What are you doing here?"

Ah, there it is! The million dollar question. It's time for my oscar winning performance. Although, his accusing tone is kind of insulting, like...I didn't do anything. Calm down.

I shrugged casually before answering.

"I've helped her with some housework before. When I saw her working on the weeds by the side of your manor, I went out to say hi." I explained, making eye contact when needed. "She wanted to thank me with cookies and tea, so here we are."

I tried not to let how proud I am of my lie show. I thought very carefully about what excuse I was going to give.

Previously, I was going to say that I went on a walk, bumped into her in this area and was kindly invited into her cottage.

But then I thought...what if he saw me talk to her at the manor? What if he watched us walk to her cottage? So that excuse wasn't good enough.

Theo observed my face for a while before nodding, looking satisfied with my lie. I thanked the heavens that we hadn't had any skin-to-skin contact to initate the mate bond or he would've seen right through it.

"I'm here to see Ms Williams." He announced, putting a foot into the cottage.

I moved out the way to let him in; it was getting tiring looking up at him. He bent down to get into the cottage and stayed slightly bent to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling.

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