Enter Nevos

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Hello lovelies! I know its been a long while, so I would recommend that you refresh your memory by skimming the last few chapters. xx


Elisia POV

I stared at Kobi in horror, to think an old demon lived within him. It seemed ridiculous, to the point where I found it funny.

I started to chuckle, gaining startled looks from my mate and Kobi. I was laughing in disbelief, shaking my head at the man who I had lived under the same roof with. The same guy who enjoyed ketchup, and was the first to welcome my members and I into his pack.

His dark eyes glimmered as he regarded with me intense curiosity.

"I've woken up."

I held back a gasp, feeling Theo's grip on me tighten in shock. Kobi's voice was different, deeper and raspier than usual.

It belonged to someone else.

We got into defensive positions, anticipating an attack. A humorous chuckle arose from his chest and shook his head at us.

"I'm not here to kill you, that would go against Erebus' wishes."

My eyes narrowed at him, he physically looked like Kobi, but it sure wasn't him anymore. I began to wonder if he was still in there.

"Is Darkness your son?" Theo questioned the demon.

Demon? It sounded so...cartoony. I couldn't take the situation seriously.

"And do you have a name?" I questioned, wanting to refer to him differently. "Who are you?"

Kobi's face split into an unnatural smile, before he answered my question.

"I go by the name of Satanevos, but you may call me Nevos." He replied after a brief pause, his eyes lingering on me. "And yes, Erebus is my son."

I blinked at him, my discomfort increasing by the second.

"Oh hell no." I blurted, rushing to get away from him.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough space to move out quick enough. I slumped in my spot, leaning away from the being that had took over Kobi's body.

"I didn't sign up for some Satan, demon shit." I mumbled, side eyeing him. "Werewolves are supposed to be the only supernaturals on earth..."

"I created your species, little girl." Nevos chuckled darkly, not appreciating my disgust.

Theo was side eyeing him too, wrapping his arms around me as a protective shield.

"Did Kobi have any say when you took over his body?" He asked, wondering about Kobi's involvement.

"After promising him invincible power, he didn't even hesitate to offer his body." Nevos said, glancing down at his newly acquired body. "He was a dark soul indeed, the perfect vessel."

I scowled, so Kobi was always like that then.

Recalling what the female Rogue had blurted out earlier.

That I, apparently, had the opposite trait, light, and that I had some kind of ability or power. Unfortunately, she was interrupted by Nevos' boot crushing her skull.

However, that action alone increased the validity of her words. Darkness seemed to be so hell bent on having me, I did wonder what made me so desirable - other than the fact I was a female Alpha.

I had a feeling there was more to it.

And now I was certain we can beat them.

"Let's go." I mind linked Theo. "Let's go to where the action is, to where everyone is fighting. Besides, we're unsure of his abilities."

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