Alpha-Blooded Wolf

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I rolled over to my side, groaning at the dull pain that was pulsing throughout my head. I started to stretch, causing my hand to get tangled up one of my ponytails. I frowned when I realised that I had two ponytails, when did I do that?

I slowly sat up from my laying down position and stared into space in shock. 

It was me. 

I put my hair into two ponytails, last night.

I grabbed one of many of the pillows, put my face in it and stayed like that for a minute. 

I can't believe it. 

I can't believe I remember everything that happened last night. 

There was absolutely no detail that seemed fuzzy, I remember literally everything. I could've sworn I got drunk, why has it not affected my memory like it does to humans? I groaned again, this time sliding out of bed and walking to the bathroom. 

I glanced at the window sill, expecting to see the alcohol bottles Theo placed there, but saw nothing. He must've took them with him when I fell asleep. I glanced at myself in the mirror, cringing at the fact that I slept in my makeup. I did my usual skincare and washing up routine before changing into slim-fitted joggers paired with my go-to Adidas hoodie. 

Glancing the time, I was pleased to see it was only 09:00 which is pretty early for me. I strolled out of my room, phone in hand, made my way downstairs and into the kitchen. Everyone was present, eating breakfast and chatting away like usual, but all I could focus on was Theo's figure near the refrigerator. 

He looked up, sensing me before anyone else, and caught my gaze. My heart lurched in surprise and shock at the visible eye bags that wasn't there before. He didn't sleep well...

I looked down, trying to recover from what I saw, and walked towards Leona and Jay. They both greeted me with warm smiles, completely clueless about what had happened yesterday. 

Leona took in my face and then shook her head with a laugh.

"Damn, both you and Theo look tired!" She commented, spreading Nutella on her pancake. "I mean, he had to organise the event last minute and you had greet all those people, I totally get it. But you guys look like you've been through some shit."

She couldn't have been more accurate, wow.

I was able to sleep well because the alcohol knocked me out last night, but now I am somewhat hungover and don't feel too good. Theo's case may be that he couldn't sleep out of guilt, but I couldn't be too sure. I eyed him carefully, as I stack the already made pancakes onto my plate, thinking about last night. 

He claimed that Irene had kissed him against his wishes. 

Do I believe him?

I don't know.

It was hard to get rid of the image of them kissing from my mind. The scene kept rolling and rolling again like a broken record, and I don't know to stop it. I thought he was allowing her to kiss him, but he claimed that it was a late reaction. What could've hindered an Alpha's reaction time? 

Was he distracted when she kissed him? 

I bit my lips, deep in thought, and finished off my breakfast. Everyone went off to their rooms and offices while I rushed up to my room to do something. I thought of the perfect distraction that'll keep me busy for a while. 

I went straight to where I hid the book Ms Williams gave me a while ago, 'The disruption of Ranks', and brought it out to read. I made myself comfortable on my bed, opened the book and flicked to the page I left off on. 

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