A New Rival

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The party had been going on for four hours and still isn't showing any signs of slowing down. I was sitting on the sofa watching a group of friends play truth or dare, a game that I've never played in a group.

I recognised almost everyone in the group, I knew that they're all pretty chill and nice people. One girl I didn't recognise, who seemed to be sitting on her mate's lap, looked up at me and smiled. She whispered something in her mate's ear, which made him scoot over and made a space in the circle. 

"Elisia, the birthday girl! Would you like to join us?" The girl called out excitedly.

Everyone in the circle looked my way, waiting for a reply. I hesitated, just in case someone protested and said they didn't want me playing. After a couple of seconds, I nodded shyly and sat down in the spot that was made for me. 

The game consisted of a bottle in the middle of the circle which was spun until it landed on someone. That person would then be asked 'Truth or Dare?'. The bottle was spun by the nice girl who invited me in the game.

I watched the bottle slow down and stop in front of the guy who was sat next to me. He was one of the few I didn't recognise. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, I didn't want the bottle to land on me for some reason. 

"Intense, right?" The nice girl asked, grinning at me. I nodded at her, laughing at myself. 

"Truth or Dare, Daniel?" 

The guy beside me, apparently called Daniel, immediately said, "Dare." 

"I dare you to go against Elisia in a match tomorrow." One guy, who I'm sure is named Tom, said gleefully. 

Daniel nervously glanced at me and groaned. "No, that doesn't count. You said tomorrow, not today. We're playing the game now, so all the dares have to be done today."

Everyone was shaking their heads and laughing. I couldn't help laugh at the helplessness that was oozing out of this guy. Eventually, it was finalised that he'll be going up against me in mixed martial arts tomorrow morning.

The bottle was spun again, but unfortunately landed on me. Everyone's eyes were on me, when one of them asked, "Truth or Dare?"

I knew better than to choose Dare, especially since I wasn't familiar with how they play. 

"Truth." I replied. 

"I want to ask a question, is that okay?" A petite girl called Amber asked, raising her arm slightly. Everyone, including me, shrugged as a reply so she took that a confirmation. 

"Have you and Jayden ever been in a romantic relationship?" 

The group went silent as their curious eyes landed on me. I opened my mouth and shut it again, shocked that anyone would ask that question. 

"Remember. You have to speak the truth, nothing but the truth." Amber said, folding her arms. 

I gaped her in disbelief. What the hell?

"The relationship Jay and I have is completely platonic, was always platonic and will always be. We're like brothers and sisters; his parents raised the both of us for goodness sake!"

"Ah, so you call our future Alpha 'Jay'? Doesn't he hate to be called that?" She pressed, leaning forward and making eye contact with me.

My wolf's discomfort increased as she kept looking straight into my eyes...like she was challenging me.

By controlling my breathing, like how I was taught, I managed to tone down my anger a notch. Just explain yourself, maybe she'll let it go. She just needs clarification, that's all.

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