The Light Gene

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Erebus/Darkness POV

I stood by the wrecked library that was currently burning to the ground. I took a deep breath in, satisfied with the chaos I had caused. A whimper escaped from the librarian who I had stabbed for getting in my way. I glanced down at her crumpled figure by the steps, a couple feet away from me. She looked up at me with pleading, desperate eyes as she bled to death.

"Please help me, I have children." She cried as she held her wound. I looked at her in incredulity, why would she seek help from the same person who had harmed her?

I put a long, slender finger on my lips to shut her up. "Hush lady. Can't you see I'm watching a brilliant show?" I said, gesturing to the battle that was taking place.

"Please, I'm a single mother. They'll have no one." She pressed with determination, although groaning from the pain.

I raised an eyebrow at her, amused by her strength to plead. I rolled my eyes and sighed as I approached her. Initially, I was too lazy to do this, but her performance is really convincing me to go ahead and do it.

I knelt down beside her and brushed her hair back with a sad smile. "I'll do you a favour..."

Her brown eyes brightened with hope, filling up with tears. "Thank you."

"...And relieve you of your motherly duties." I finished with a grin. Her eyes widened as she slowly brought her hand down to her belly and rubbed it. I watched the hope completely diminish from her eyes in satisfaction, before gouging my hand into her and ripping her heart out from her body.

The scent of her blood was tantalising, so I licked some of the remnants of blood from my hand. Shivering from excitement, I plunged my hand into her chest for more, covering it with the sweet red liquid. Bringing my fingers to my lips, I sucked on them and relished in tasting the treat.

When I was done, I kicked her body and let it fall down the uneven, concrete steps. Mourning howls and yells caught my attention, making me look out into the battlefield in excitement for more action.

My gaze fell on Elisia who was currently kneeing by the Luna of this pack, it looked like she had been attacked. A boy shifted and sprinted towards her, howling in despair - her son Jayden, I presumed. Anger built up within me as I regarded the rogues with rage, I specifically told them to avoid targeting Elisia's family.

I didn't want anything to trigger her Light power gene.

That alone will change everything, and I couldn't afford to let that happen. As far as I know, that injured Luna was her adoptive mother - I will flip if this ends up triggering her power. I watched Elisia from the distance, carefully analysing her reaction to her adoptive mother slowly losing strength. I rubbed my temples in frustration, maybe this won't trigger it, but if that lady dies - the likelihood will significantly increase.

For the first time in my life, I was doubting my powers.

If her Light power happens to be triggered and activated, will I be able to fight her?

I watched her calmly stand up, my worries decreasing - glad that the Light gene hadn't been activated. I turned away from her, concealing myself within the shadows. Suddenly, I felt a pair of eyes on me, making me turn back towards her direction.

The first thing I noticed were her eyes, they were a charcoal black colour and were fixed on me. Not knowing how to react, I grinned at her - lowkey panicking on the inside. She wore a murderous expression, looking ready to end my life.

Without hesitation, she charged towards me, swiftly picking up weapons from the ground along the way. My heart started to race in nervousness when I noticed the aura around her change into this bright light, I couldn't even look straight at it without grimacing in pain.

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