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I sat on one of the chairs in the waiting area, waiting for my name to be called. I started to fiddle with my fingers, trying to calm my nerves.

I've never been in a hospital for a health problem before. Actually, I don't know any wolves with a health problem. I've only been treated for fighting wounds and injuries, so I didn't know what to expect.

I had been taking the pills Dr Oswald prescribed me several days ago so I've done my part in taking care of myself.

Jay reached over and held my moving hands as a reassuring gesture. Sending him a grateful smile, I held his hand back.

A sudden loud cough in the quiet waiting room made me jump in surprise and release Jay's hand in the process. I let a breath out realising who it was.

"What the hell is taking them so long?" A certain someone grumbled beside me.

Sighing, I turned to face Theo who wore a bored expression. We've literally only sat here for five minutes.

"Wow, you're really patient." Jay commented sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

A warning low growl erupted from Theo, which didn't make me flinch in the slightest. I guess I'm used to an Alpha's authoritative power because I was raised by one and raised with a future one, Jay.

"Fuck off." Theo snarled, eyes flashing with annoyance.

Jay let out a loud rumbling growl, earning startled looks from other wolves in the room.

I puffed my cheeks out, already tired of their behaviour. Two grown Alpha blooded males were childishly growling at each other in a hospital waiting room. The staff walking by kept sending us weird looks.

Sitting between them was the worst and best idea. Best idea because I was a physical barrier between them so they couldn't hurt each other. Worst idea because now I had to deal with their bickering in both my ears.

"Piece of fucking shit." Jay muttered under his breath, clearly meant for Theo to hear.

"Seriously guys?" I complained, before they actually broke into a physical fight. "You're cool with each other one minute and then at each other's throats the next."

None of them replied, but folded their arms huffing. I shook my head at them; and to think they're two years older than me.

If only Leona was with us, then things would probably be different. She got a call from Julian's mum, asking if she could come over. Leona being Leona, couldn't say no and promised she'd be there today.

One thing was bothering me since we came to the hospital. Why did Theo tag along to my appointment? I mean, he didn't have to but he was ready, this morning, before any of us. I would love to say it's because he wanted to support his mate, but I knew better.

"Elisia Knight." A women called out.

I, automatically, stood up to my name and walked up to the receptionist.

"The doctor in room six is ready to see you." She said, not looking up from her computer. "The room is on the left hand side of this corrider."

I mumbled a thanks, before walking down the corrider and knocking on a door with the number six.

"Come in."

Opening the door, I stepped into a white consultation room with a male sitting behind his desk. Holding the door, Jay and Theo followed me in.

The doctor gave off a happy vibe, as he flashed us a genuine smile when we entered.

"Please. Take a seat, Elisia." He said, gesturing to the seat in front of him.

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