Erebus = Darkness

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Theo's POV

"Something tells me, they sent the weakest to fight us on purpose." Elisia mused, her brow furrowing in deep thought. 

I couldn't help but agree, no way would they seriously send these two rogues to fight two Alphas. Something didn't add up, what was their motive?

Was it safe to continue to travel to the third town that was inhabited by The MoonKnight Pack members? Kobi is working with the rogues after all, he could've disclosed our destination to these lonesome fuckers. 

"Do you think there is more, waiting for us ahead?" Elisia asked, her grey eyes flickering down the road. 

"It's very likely."

"I'm going to meet my pack today, I won't let them stop me." She snarled, marching towards the vehicle. I raised my eyebrows, admiring her determination and courage. 

I glanced at the rogue she took down, still thinking about how she was toying with him. She might've not realised it, but she was taunting him throughout their entire fight. 

"Let's go." I cheered, getting into the driver's seat. I started the engine and drove off as she began to put on her seatbelt. I bit back a smile at that and carried on driving. 

Chances are, we will be outnumbered and that's not a problem, I completely believe we'll be the best team. It'll be hard to beat two Alpha's with extensive fighting backgrounds. 

"Alpha, we have arrived and have encountered two unconscious rogues. Can you confirm that you haven't come across any others?"  One of my warriors mind-linked me. 


"Would you like one of us to come with you?" 

"No, but thanks anyway." I replied, not wanting anyone to join our company.

"Alright, we're on our way back. If you need backup, contact the border warriors since they're the closest."  They said before the line disconnected.

"The warriors are taking those rogues back to the main town for interrogation." I said out loud, glancing at Elisia. "Now that we have secured them, everyone else can just be killed."


I couldn't help but check her out in that moment, she looked so fucking badass. She wore a black on black outfit, reminding me of what warriors specialising in assassination wore. 

She wore her hair down, letting it frame her beautiful face. My heart started to race faster the more I looked at her. Feeling flustered I looked away, internally begging my heart to calm down. 

It had only been fifteen minutes before the sickening, foul stench of rogues had became apparent. We glanced at each other, the both of us sensing them at the same time. I pulled over and turned off the engine, there were definitely way more rogues this time.

Elisia hopped out first, her hand absently touching the lock of hair that was cut by the rogue earlier. I studied her face, looking for any signs of hesitation or fear, but found nothing but unwavering courage. I could even sense a little excitement from her, if I'm not mistaken. 

I got out the car and walked with her on the road, hyperaware of our surroundings. All at once, five rogues appeared from their hiding spots and surrounded us. 

"Is this all?" Elisia asked in the mind-link in surprise. She widened her stance, scanning the area for more rogues. 

This couldn't be it, I frowned as I kept tuning my sensitive hearing. "I guess so."

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