Sharing a bed

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This book reached 3K reads!! Thank you to everyone who has read this book so far, I'm so happy and grateful!! xx

Enjoy this chapter in Theo's perspective ;)


Theo's POV

"Do you want to sleep on this bed with me?"

I froze at her words, staring at her in surprise.

Did she actually just ask me that?

For once in my life, I was rendered speechless. I didn't know how to reply.

She also seemed to be shocked by her own question as her gray eyes widened in shock.

We both said nothing for a while before I decided to break the silence.

"I would ask if you would mind...but I have a feeling you're already regretting your offer." I chuckled, amused at her shocked face.

I knew I had to decline her offer, I couldn't afford to get too close.

I'm going to decline her offer before I make the mistake on sharing another beautiful moment with her. That's what my mind was telling me but heart felt otherwise.

"So I'm accepting your offer before you could take it back." I heard myself say, going against any complaints my logical brain had.

Elisia watched me in alarm, her cute cheeks flushed from being flustered.

This is dangerous, I suddenly thought.

Even with her injured, confined to her hospital bed in a hospital gown, I still found her to be irresistable.

I'd already accepted her offer and there's no way I'd go back on my decision. I hope I find the strength to surpress any kind of desire I may have.

The desire to...

Cuddle with her

Kiss her

Oh, God...

Mate with her

I'm only sharing a bed with her, I mentally chanted as I stood up to take my shoes off.

I heard her gasp a little, innocent eyes trained on me taking my shoes off. She probably thought I wasn't going go through with it.

"Hey, you're the one who offered your bed." I reminded her, smirking at her expression.

I put my hands up in surrender when she glared at me.

"Your hospital bed is big enough to fit the both of do you need help scooting over?" I continued, gesturing to the bed.

She opened her mouth and closed it again, looking unsure.

"Elisia, we're only sharing a bed. Does that make you feel uncomfortable?" I sighed, trying to spark some reaction from her.

I knew sharing a bed was a big deal, especially since we're mates. But I knew if I pushed her buttons, she would gladly invite me into her bed.

To sleep, of course.

Like I expected, her expression turned from unsure to sour when I said that.

"No, it doesn't."  She shot back. "Jump right in."

I raised my eyebrows in surprise, amused at her choice of words; 'Jump right in.'

I watched her scoot carefully towards the left side of the bed, giving me space to lay on. I nervously watched for any signs of pain on her face when she moved, but she seemed fine.

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