A Nightmare Dinner Party

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"I can't believe you've never straightened your hair before." Leona muttered behind me, straightening the last bit of my hair. We were in her room, getting ready for the dinner party  that was being held for me.

"So like...I'm kind of taking your hair virginity."

Before I could snort and laugh at her words, Julian walked in on us at that moment and gave us a weird look. 

"I'm not even going to ask." He retorted, shaking his head and picking up the drink he left earlier. 

Leona giggled and opened her mouth to explain, but her mate beat her to it. "Don't even try to explain, I'm going." He laughed, swiftly leaving the room. She shrugged and went back to finishing my hair look. 

"Straight hair really suits you; go look at yourself in the mirror. You finally have my permission!" 

I got up from my chair, cringing that my foot fell asleep due to sitting for a long period of time. I stepped in front of the mirror and took in my reflection, gasping at my appearance. 

My usual wavy hair, was dead straight from the roots to its tips and was looking very luscious, longer and shinier than usual. My side part was replaced with a middle part; which I was initially felt unsure about since I've never tried it before, but turned out to look pretty good.

My makeup was already done, courtesy of myself, before the hair. I wore some BB cream to achieve a healthy, natural and glowy look; I didn't bother with blush since my natural, rosy cheeks was peaking through the BB cream.

I wore creamy, natural looking highlighter on the high points of my face and wore mascara to accentuate my already thick, curly dark lashes. This only brought more attention to my stormy gray-coloured eyes, which I absolutely loved.

"Now for your dress!" Leona cried excitedly, rushing to her closet. I watched her as she brought out all the dresses she owned; she was kindly allowing me to borrow a dress for the night since I didn't have my own.

She looked stunning with her pretty, golden hair tied up in an intricate and elegant way. Her face seemed to glow with the golden accents in her makeup such as her eyeshadow and highlighter.  Her high cheekbones and sharp but delicate face structure suited her beautiful, complex up do. 

"You look really pretty, Leona." I smiled, complimenting her. She turned around and put her hands on her cheeks in embarrassment, "Thank you." 

She held up two dresses, one was a pristine white and the other was a navy, blue colour. "I think these would be perfect for us, what do you think?"

I stood up and walked towards her, my smile widening at the navy dress. "I think they look amazing, which colour are you thinking for us?"

"White for me and navy for you!"

I mentally fist-pumped in happiness and relief, the navy dress looked incredible. The colour has always suited my skin tone and brings out the tiny blue specks in my iris'. We quickly changed into the dresses and took a glance at ourselves in the reflection.

Staring at the fit of the dress, it was easy to say it is absolutely stunning on. The sleeves were long and made up of a decorative and elegant, lacy fabric. The dress designed in an A-line shape, so it fit closely around my waist and then flared out in a seamlessly and graceful manner.

It seemed to look conservative and appropriate for a fancy dinner party, especially since it is being held for me, but the surprise was the slit in the dress - showing a little of my leg. 

"I love this!" I breathed, twirling at little. I've actually never dressed up this fancy in my life, not even for weddings. Judging by Leona calm attitude about this evening as well as the heaps of gorgeous dresses in her closet, it seemed like she was used to dressing up.

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