♢ Before you read ♢

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Firstly, I would like to thank you for clicking to check this book out; it really means a lot. This is just a page dedicated to introducing you to this book as well as to get disclaimers out of the way.

1) This book is completely based on werewolves, so please bare in mind that this is purely a fictional book. 

2) The order of Ranks: (in this story)

1. Alpha (Male Leader)
2. Luna (Female Leader)
3. Beta (2nd in command)
4. Gamma (3rd in command)
5. Omega

{Unranked} - Rogues

3) The plot and characters in this story is completely made up by me, so any similarities to other books, movies or TV shows is purely a coincidence.

4) This story does contain some violence, family issues, murders and abuse. The characters in my book are not perfect, nor do I intend them to be. So there will be lying, backstabbing, lots of plot twists and cliff-hangers.

So brace yourselves.

5) This book is mostly written from the main character's point of view (POV), but will also contain other character's POV for a broader perspective of what is going on.

6) I am completely open to constructive criticism. I value other people's opinions and would like to improve my book in every way. So please don't hesitate to write in the comments, or even personal message me, to share your opinions.

Even if its as small as a spelling mistake, I will be very grateful. What I don't condone, however, is rude, negative and disrespectful comments in any way shape or form. If you have something negative to say, please just don't say it at all.

Aside from that, I really hope you enjoy reading this book. Comment as much as you want, get those feels out! Please remember to keep voting!! ♡

P. S. Just a tip - The story thickens and the plot is like a roller-coaster, so don't limit your perception of this story from just a couple good chapters. ;)

P. S. S. Please bare in mind that I write using British English, so certain words may have slightly different spelling. That's all, love ya'll!! xx

Love Yasmine

~Happy reading ~

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