Unexplained Explanations

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"Why do you smell like an Alpha?" She breathed, wide-eyed. 

I froze, feeling my heart almost stop from her words. I'd been so engrossed in my feelings, that I hadn't realised the power I felt was probably due to my Alpha blood. My eyes widened a little before I relaxed my face and gave her a weird look. 

"I don't smell like an Alpha, what's wrong with you?" I replied, denying her assumption. Theo's hand was still holding mine, he looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. Honestly, same...

Out of all the people I knew here, I wouldn't have ever imagined Irene being the first to detect the difference in my scent.

"We're leaving." He announced, pulling me towards the door. 

Irene scrambled back up, still staring at me with a ray of emotions. "Your aura has changed..." She started to say, her brow furrowing. "Your rank is higher than mine...?"

Damn right it is.

"If you're playing some kind of weird joke on me, stop it." I shot back, trying to calm my beating heart.

"You're being ridiculous, Irene." Theo finally spoke, looking serious. "Don't you think I would've said something if that wasn't true?" 

To say I was surprised was an understatement. I knew Theo could definitely smell the Alpha scent, but he was lying to cover it up.

She looked at Theo, looking conflicted on whether to believe her instincts or the words of her crush. She still looked unconvinced, but then rubbed her temple and closed her eyes. All I could hope is that she has more faith in Theo's words, than in her own sense of smell. I shook my head at her one last time before Theo managed to drag me out the house. 

We walked briskly and but not too fast, knowing Irene's eyes were on us. After getting out of her line of sight, we started to run with Theo leading the way; taking us someplace far from here. 

We were running through a carpark when I suddenly saw a shadow sprinting behind a car. I slowed down and stared at it, wondering if I'd just imagined it or if there was someone following us. 

Glancing at Theo, he didn't seem to have noticed or seen anything weird. I shook my head, forgetting about it and caught up to Theo's speed. It'd been around ten minutes of running on the outskirts of the town and into the woods before we came to a stop. 

We rested underneath a large nearby tree and catching our breath, before talking about what had happened. 

I finally brought myself to look up at him and say, "You knew the entire time." 

Thinking back to when my Alpha scent became apparent, he looked surprised but definitely not surprised enough, like he already knew of my true rank. Then he tried to make me leave before things got worse, and the fact that he lied to Irene about it to cover it up, all the signs were there. 

He sighed and grimaced before admitting it. "Yeah, I knew about it."

 I shook my head in disbelief. "Since when?"

"I realised it when you told me about the trigger word that made yourchest hurt." He replied, playing with the grass. "I already knew, since the Lake House, that you were from The MoonKnight Pack. Having Ms Williams come from the same pack and you reacting to that word, it didn't seem like a coincidence." 

He looked up at me and held my gaze tenderly. "And then all of a sudden, your special strength and speed didn't look like a coincidence."

I held his gaze and asked, "Then why didn't you tell me?"

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