End of Story - Q&A

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~This page is dedicated to answering some frequently asked questions!~

1) Will there be a sequel to this book?

Yes, but I will release it's chapters after I'm done writing the book that is currently in the works. Initially, I was planning on having this book be a standalone one. But I kept getting too many good ideas for a sequel, so I eventually changed my mind. I will release a different story first, and then release the sequel. 

Stay tuned, loves!

1a) When will you release it?

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure at the moment. But I may surprise you, or myself, and release it earlier than expected. Time will tell whether I'm able to manage writing two stories at the same time. Quality means a lot to me, so if I have to wait longer to release it, then so be it ><

2) Do Theo and Elisia have babies? 

Look out for the Epilogue ;)  It will act as a smooth transition to the future sequel.

3) Will there be a spin off on any of the characters?

No. The sequel will definitely have a main new character. But you will recognise many old characters, as it's all intertwined. 

4) What is the next/new book about? 

The story, genre and concept is completely different to this book, but I hope people will still enjoy it. If you enjoy my style of writing, I hope you follow me and keep an eye out for it. I'm quite excited about it myself... ><

I won't disappear for too long ;) 

5) Who will the story follow, in the sequel?

I won't say for now, many of you have already guessed it! Although, I guess it's pretty obvious lool 

6) Any bonus chapters?

Not likely, the epilogue would probably satisfy your curiosity about a lot of things anyway. 


Once again, a big thank you for reading this book! I hope it has been worthwhile <3

Look out for the Epilogue that's coming soon! >< 

Until next time folks, 

Yasmine x

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