A case of Jealousy

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It's been a couple of days since my first encounter with Irene. During that period, I've spent most of my time wondering when the match will take place.

It had better be soon because I've not travelled here for a holiday. The only reason I've found it enjoyable here thus far, is because of Leona, Julian, Kobi as well as my pack members.

Theo, as expected, has not done anything about us being mates. It's starting to look like we're not going to do anything about it. Frankly, I'm starting not care about whether anything gets done or not. The way he's been around me clearly shows what he thinks about the whole mate situation.

Everytime he touched, held or reached for Irene, my heart would squeeze in pain. I would try to ignore it and not show how much it bothered me. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he had some kind of control over me.

Irene seemed to be ecstatic whenever Theo was around, let alone when he touched her. I noticed how often she would reach for his touch, like she craved him.

I also found out that Irene is not only Kobi sister, but his twin sister! Interestingly, he also told me something else that really caught me off guard. Like really off guard.

It was the day before yesterday, when I came back to the Alpha Manor to grab my forgotten earphones. I ran into Kobi on the stairs, excited to catch up after not seeing him for a while.

"Hey, so you've been busy?" I asked with a smile.

"Pretty much since yesterday morning." He replied shrugging. "I heard you met Irene."

Shrugging back, I replied with, "Yeah, I did."

After a few seconds of silence, I added, "She's cool."

Kobi stared at me for while before throwing his head back and laughed really hard.

"You don't need to lie about what you thought of her." He spluttered, trying to contain his laughter. "I know how she can be, but I appreciate your nice comment."

I giggled, glad that I didn't need to comment on Irene any further.

"I also heard you mistook Irene for me?"

"Yeah, about that..." My cheeks started to heat up a little.

"I totally understand why you thought that. I told you how my wolf form looks like, but I didn't tell you I had a twin who has the same red streak."

I gaped at his words. "You're twins? Woah!"

"Faternal, of course. Didn't anyone tell you?"

Shaking my head hard, I said, "No, they just mentioned you were siblings."

"Well, there you go. Did Irene fangirl over you or something?" He asked, wiping a tear from laughing so hard earlier. "I told her to be cool when she met you."

I frowned at this. "Fangirl? Why would she fangirl over me?"

If it was anyone else, I would understand their excitement to meet me. But Irene? She, according to her comments online, hates my guts and called me a 'deceitful coward' for not accepting her request. She definately didn't seem that excited to see me yesterday.

"Wow, I guess she did keep it cool." He said, scratching the back of his neck. "She's probably your biggest fan, not that I've heard her say that. But still."

"I'm sorry, I'm still not following." I said, scrunching my nose in confusion.

"I would say she's probably watched every single one of your matches." He finally said, chuckling.

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