Killian Andrews

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"Hello, poppet."

My hair stood up, goose bumps covering every inch of my skin. My heart was beating at an abnormally fast pace, I was being held at knifepoint by a rogue. 

Kaitlyn and Magnus stiffened in their seats and looked my way with alarmed expressions, they also hadn't realised a rogue was beside me the entire time. They couldn't see the knife, but I could definitely feel it's sharp point digging into my side. 

I tried to control my breathing, erase the panicked expression I wore on my face and finally pluck the courage to say something. I wanted to wipe that smug, creepy smile off his face. His eerie golden, yellow eyes were trained on me, as I look down at his wrist, looking for the tattoo that rogues supposedly have. 

He smirked and brought his right arm over and showed me his wrist, it had the letter 'R' tattooed on it. I fought back a shudder, as he lowly chuckled to himself, showcasing his golden teeth, and brought his arm back. 

"Who are you?" I asked lowly, glaring at him. "And what do you want?"

"Your adopted parents can tell you who I am." He responded with a grin, proceeding to look forward at the stage. He looked so normal in his suit and tie, like he's here to watch his child graduate. "As for why I'm here, you'll find out later."

Kaitlyn and Magnus, who were listening to every word, looked over at us and finally noticed his hand near my right side. 

"Are you at knife or gun-point?" Magnus asked me gravely, using the group mind-link channel.

"Knife-point, silver knife." I replied, trying hard not to make any sudden moves that would end up with me being stabbed. I could die from blood poisoning if any silver material enters my bloodstream; werewolves seem to be invincible, but all it takes is any silver in our body to kill us. 

"Fuck!" Jay swore in the mind-link. He turned to look up at me, his gaze falling onto the rogue next to me to which the rogue grinned at.

"Hello, Jayden Steel." The rogue chuckled, knowing Jay was listening in.

"Who is he?" I asked, feeling uneasy.

"That man is Killian Andrews, The leader of The Rogue Force. Do not negotiate with him, he is a dangerous man. Do not provoke or anger him, his temper is world renowned to be the worst." Magnus warned me seriously. 

"They mean business if the Leader of rogues decided to carry out the mission himself."  Kaitlyn added anxiously. 

Killian Andrews, his name literally has the word 'kill' in it. 

I turned to look at him once more, to see his grin widening. "So now you know who I am." He said, still not facing me. I had to admit that he was very good at not drawing any unnecessary attention to him. 

I considered making a scene just to get out of knife-point, like claiming that he was touching me inappropriately or that he was harassing me. I sighed and gave up on that plan, remembering Magnus' advice to not provoke this hot-tempered rogue. 

"I can see the clogs in your mind working hard, trying to figure out how to get out of this situation." He pointed out, his eyes still trained on the students being called up. "I wouldn't try anything if I were you, I'm not very nice when I'm angry."

"Why are you here?" I asked, feeling annoyed. Clearly, they were here for us but why?

"I came all the way here myself, just to fetch you." He answered, turning to face me with a wicked grin. I felt myself turn pale at his answer and felt Kaitlyn reach over to hold my hand. 

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