If only you knew...

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Elisia POV

"The silver in the box was released into the bloodstream all at once. They had to bleed him out as soon as possible, to get rid of the silver material."

I watched Theo in horror, my blood running cold, and brought my hand over my mouth. "Oh no." I whispered. 

"He survived it, but he's currently in a coma." 

A coma?

I looked down, my hair covering my face, as I tried to hold back the tears. I should be grateful it isn't more worse than a coma...

Theo watched me with a grim, sorrowful expression before embracing me into a hug. 

"It's fine, go to him." He whispered into my hair. 

I shook my head, almost automatically, making Theo step back and raise an eyebrow. 

"No?" He asked in surprise. 

I looked up at him, my eyes glassing over. "I don't know."

Theo frowned at my response, and shook his head in confusion. I had to admit, even I was confused. 

"I guess, I had just realised how much I've chosen Jay over you..." I said, my heart twisting in guilt. "I've not been fair to you."

Theo stared at me for a couple of seconds, before bursting into laughter. "And yet you always come back to me, because I'm your mate."

He brought his hands up to my face and cupped my cheeks tenderly. "It's fine, love."

I shook my head, "No, it's not. I promise to make it up to you."

He grinned mischievously and bit his lip. "Really?"

I rolled my eyes in response, avoiding the question, and laughed - making Theo's smirk disappear and replaced with astonishment. 

"Wait, what? Really?"

"Shush." I hushed him, as I walked back to the vehicle. Theo's demeanour changed from playful to serious once we got into his car.

"So, when are you flying out?" He asked, already pulling out his phone. He paused, observed my expression and frowned, looking perplexed. "Are you okay? You don't look as worried as you did a few moments ago."

He was right. 

I wasn't feeling worried or anxious anymore. In fact, I was more concerned about why I seemed to be unfazed by the shocking news. I should be distressed and upset about Jay's condition, but...something was stopping me. 

Call it instinct...or a feeling. 

Something was just not right.

The news wasn't sitting well with me, I couldn't digest it and believe it. I sensed something was off, but then that could just be my paranoia.  

"It's nothing." I waved it off, my tongue feeling dry all of a sudden. 

I felt him curiously probe my mind in the mate bond, making me glance up at him. 

"What are you suspicious of?" He asked in puzzlement. 

I sighed, deciding to voice my thoughts. 

"Something's not right."

He titled his head adorably, and said, "What's not right?"

"It may sound crazy, but I have a gut feeling that Jay may not actually be in a coma...?" I squeaked, my confession progressively sounding like a question.

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