Darkness finds Darkness

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Elisia's POV

I watched her blood seep into the ground, turning the green grass into a maroon colour. Her death was inevitable, regardless if she had been sentenced to death for treason or from the consequences of the usage of demonic power. Theo reached for my limp hand and held it in his warm one, calming my raging emotions.

Her last words kept echoing in my mind.

Had she really meant what she said, or had she said those words to haunt me?

"Now that, was a splendid show!" Nevos exclaimed, clapping in amusement. We glared at him, remembering that the war was far from over.

The demon smirked. "Although, Kobi feels differently."

Theo raised his eyebrow at that. "What do you mean?"

"The boy is raging within me, desperate to take control of his body, after what he had just seen." He explained, rubbing his temples. "The emotions he's feeling is overwhelming; anger, hurt, bloodthirst and pain."

I sighed heavily, so Kobi had just watched his sister be killed...

"You let him watch everything?" Theo asked, narrowing his eyes at Nevos.

The demon's grin widened. "Every second."

Darkness spoke this time, his confusion aimed at his father. "Why did you make him watch all that? Now you'll have to deal with his emotions."

His father turned to him, and reached to pat his head condescendingly. "He's gone mad from watching his sister die, he's thrashing about in here." He said, pointing to his head. "And I'm going to let him take control."

Take control of his body?

"And allow him to get his revenge." He finished with a chuckle, his eyes glinting with mischief.

I rolled my eyes at that. "I'll crush him, he's only a gamma."

He lifted a finger to silence me, and shook his head. "A gamma with demonic powers, I have no intention of leaving this body." He growled, correcting me. "Kobi's body is a great vessel."

Theo shifted beside me, his dark eyes focused on who was once his trusted friend. "I'll kill him."

I glanced at him. "Are you sure?"

He nodded in reply. "You can go after Darkness, I'm sure you have countless of grudges against him."

I smirked in amusement, my mate knew me so well.

We squeezed each other's hands before letting go, and distancing ourselves. "Good luck. Try not to get hurt, babe." He called out, approaching Nevos with a dangerous smile.

"Don't you worry, love." I responded, watching Darkness approach me. "I got this under control."

Theo straightened up, and grinned at me. "You called me 'love'."

I flushed from the shyness I felt, making Darkness sigh heavily. "You guys are so fucking cheesy, I literally can smell the cheese."

"Yeah, that's just your breath." I spat back, swinging my weapons back and forth. "Lets get this show started."

Theo had noticed the silver dagger in his neck and laughed hard, he knew I did that.

Nevos grunted suddenly, catching all of our attention. His thumb was massaging his temples, as he closed his eyes. We watched him warily, curious about what was about to happen. His eyes opened once again, this time showcasing extreme hatred, and pain.

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