The Hostage Letter

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Theo's POV

"This is a weird, maybe ridiculous question, but do you know who Darkness is?" Jayden asked over the phone. 

My mood turned sour, wondering how he'd had come across that guy's name. Elisia, who was sprawled on the floor from her hilarious fall earlier, raised an eyebrow at my hardened expression. I smiled at her in reassurance, making her shrug away her worries and look through the letters spread on the wooden floor.

"Yes, Elisia and I have encountered him today." I responded gravely. "Why do you ask? Stay away from him, he's a dangerous...thing." 

Elisia gasped quietly, her gray eyes fixed on the paper she slipped on. Her eyes widened as she read what was on it. Feeling curious by her expression, I started to approach her. Could that be the hostage letter?

"Thing?" He repeated, bringing my attention back to him. I stopped in my tracks to explain, watching Noah approach her looking equally as curious.

"Fuck knows what he is, Jayden. But he sure isn't a man, or a werewolf. He probably could've killed Elisia and I today, but deliberately let us live. Don't ever face him alone." I explained darkly. 

As much as I hated to admit it, that Darkness guy is beyond our understanding. It would be best to avoid him as much as possible, until we have grasped what he is. Now that Killian is dead, the likelihood of encountering him is a lot higher. 

Elisia stood up suddenly, screaming with shock and disbelief. She held the paper delicately, her eyes welling up with relief. 


I couldn't help but gasp as I walked towards her. "No way!"

Elisia handed the letter over to Noah for him to read. "I can't believe it."

Realising Jayden was still on the line, I quickly said, "Sorry man, I have to hang up. I'll call you later."

"Sure." I heard him reply reluctantly. I made a mental note to call him soon, he sounded like he wanted to share more information. 

I tucked my phone into my pocket and engulfed Elisia in a hug. I shivered as her curves pressed against me, the power of her simple touch was enough to bring me down to my knees. She looked up at me, her eyes glossy from unshed tears. 

"I'll be able to clear my parents' name, Theo." She whispered, trying to sink it all in. "Clear all the horrible crimes they were unrightfully stuck with."

I tightened my embrace and kissed the top of her head. With this letter, we were going to change history. Her parents were labelled as betrayers - Alex was named the murderer of his own people and Lily was called the Luna who abandoned her pack. 

The werewolf world will finally be enlightened with the truth. Maxwell ordered the mass killing of those people with the help of The Rogue Force. Lily didn't abandon her pack, she was kidnapped and held hostage by Maxwell. Alex was forced to turn himself in for the mass murder, for the sake of his mate's life. 

Her parents lived tragically ever since they got together, it was unfair. They suffered quietly while the entire community despised them. Some may say it's too late for justice, but this was important.

Important for Elisia.

Important for Noah.

And important for The MoonKnight Pack.

"The next time someone utters any of your parents' name, it will be with admiration for what they had gone through." I told her, bending down to her ear. 

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