Kobi the Betrayer

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Kobi's POV

I let out a loud sigh as I strolled down the road that led to the main town. It would've been more fun to watch Theo and Elisia be toyed around by rogues, especially by him. My plan to tag along and watch for entertainment had failed. I wonder what had happened...

Just then, a dark shadow swiftly whizzed past me, making me frown in curiosity. The shadow emitted dark energy, something unnatural that made my spine chill with uneasiness. I watched it slow down and hover towards me purposefully.

I knew what it was. 

More like, who it was. 

"Darkness." I called out, masking my uneasiness. 

The shadow had easily morphed into the flesh I was more used to seeing. I was suddenly facing a tall dark haired man, with black, disturbing looking iridescent eyes. He wore a smile, clearly not feeling any happy emotions, but smiled nonetheless. 

"Hello Kobi Wolf."

I curtly nodded, not wanting to say anything wrong. Darkness is nothing like anything I've ever come across before, he was an unnatural being. Far from a werewolf, but yet still possesses werewolf traits. It's really weird; every time I asked about it, I got shut down. However, I definitely knew this guy was not to be messed with. 

"I'm on the run, and that silly Alpha of yours seems to think his useless warriors are a match for me." He laughed, his sinister grin widening. Blue and purple veins suddenly became visible down his neck and face as he started to laugh even harder. 

"That Elisia girl, what an interesting she-wolf!" He exclaimed, his crazed expression making me step back. "I like her."

His purple tongue flicked out his mouth and licked his lips.

"I like her a lot."

I smiled and said reassuringly, "You'll have her soon, don't worry. I have a plan."

"It better be a good one, she's strong." He commented. "It seems like I have underestimated her strength, her power is on another level."

I snorted in amusement and rolled my eyes. "She's not that good."

He nodded his head wearing that creepy grin of his. "Oh, yes she is. And the best part is that she hasn't even reached her optimal level in power, strength and speed. She may even be a match for me." 

His black eyes glinted in the sunlight, as his chest heaved up and down. "What a fascinating rarity."

It was safe to say this guy really creeped me out, where did Killian find this guy?

"Well, aren't you going to tell me your plan?" He asked, the veins on his neck still pulsing from excitement. 

"All in good time." I responded, not wanting to give anything away yet. "The plan is already in the works."

A faint yell from the distance made us perk up at the sound. His grin widened even more before he turned to look back at me. That purple tongue of his made an appearance again when he ran it across his front teeth. 

"Very well then." He said in a hushed tone. "I'll see you around."

And with that, he disappeared with a black streak of darkness following him. I shook my head, there was no way the warriors would be able to keep up with something like that. Darkness is nothing like they have ever faced before. 

My phone started to ring, making me reach for it in my pocket and answer it without looking. I had a feeling of who it might be. 


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