Wonderful waterfall

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I strolled back to the Alpha Manor, my head filled with questions.

How else was I supposed to find out what had really happened nineteen years ago? Who were my parents?

Did Theo know his father framed Alexander Gray for killing all those people?

How did Alex and Lily die...assuming that they did.

I walked back up the spiral staircase in a daze and found myself standing in the middle of the lobby.

I cocked my head towards the North Wing, Theo's sleeping quarters.

I wonder if I could confide in him?

Maybe I could.

I wonder if I should tell Jay...?

I shook my head, knowing that wasn't an option. He would freak out and drag me back to our pack, where his parents would ask questions.

I couldn't risk any of them knowing what I was uncovering here...not until I know everything.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped towards his door and stilled, listening for any sounds from the other side.

I placed my hand on the door knob and twisted it, hearing a clicking sound.

It was open.

My heart started to pound quicker against my chest as I walked deeper into the hallway. I wondered what he used all these rooms for.

The door at the end of the hallway, was left slightly ajar. I crept towards it, wondering if that was his room.

I peeked in, immediately seeing an office set up next to the door. It extended all the way towards the window and the end of the room.

He has another office? His huge office downstairs should be big enough, I thought, frowning in confusion.

His scent was very strong in the room, so either he's in here often or was in here very recently.

I opened the door wide enough to let myself in, and walked towards his desk.
There were so many papers, files, books and laptops scattered across the desktop.

The office downstairs is so neat compared this one...

I turned away from it to check out the rest of the room and almost jumped out of my skin in fright.

Oh my God, there's a bed...

...with Theo laying on top of it.

My breath hitched in my throat, as I took in his figure. His back was facing me, and judging by his relaxed state, I was sure he was asleep.

I didn't see that side of the room because it was behind the door when I peeked in.

I let out a small sigh, and slumped my shoulders. I couldn't help but feel like I was trespassing. I looked around the room, noticing the lack of pictures and warmth.

The entire room was very monochromatic, with only gray being used throughout. His dresser was actually white and the tiles on the floor were marble white, but everything else, even down to his laptop, was gray.

I stood in the middle of the room, not knowing what to do. I came in here looking for him, but found him asleep.

I knew I should leave, and come back to talk to him later.

Despite having these thoughts, I found myself walking towards his bed. I went around it just to see his face, and was surprised by how serene he looked.

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