Misunderstood Tears

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By now they were snarling at each other with hateful eyes, looking ready to fight.

"I swear if you guys even touch each other, I won't ever speak to any of you again!" I blurted, worried they'll tear each other apart.

None of them even flinched at my 'warning', making me glare at them.

"Stop with the whole staring contest and let's move on!" I said with a huff, splashing around to get their attention.

Not even freaking a glance.

With each second that passed, I could feel the tension rising.

I knew I had to do something.

I groaned inwardly, knowing they'll have to physically be separated as they won't do it themselves. I swam to the shallow part of the lake until my feet could touch the ground, and started to walk towards them.

Don't look down at yourself or you'll chicken out, I mentally chanted.

The level of the lake decreased with every step I took, completely revealing what I had on. To my relief, they hadn't noticed me approaching them; they were too immersed in staring each other down.

Men, tsk.

When I finally reached them, I did the first thing I though of. I roughly grabbed the back of their necks and pushed their heads towards each other, causing them to head-butt. Really hard.

They both winced in pain and held their head, alarm and confusion written all over their faces.

"Stop behaving like children." I snapped at them, crossing my arms over each other.

I shouldn't have done that motion, because what I wanted to hide was suddenly emphasised. Both of them simultaneously looked down at my chest.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, waving my hand in their faces. "Eyes up here, perverts."

At that point I thought I should really put on my clothes, or at least my hoodie. It might've seemed like I was comfortable on due to my calm exterior, but really I felt like running to another state.

They took their time looking away from my chest and meeting my unimpressed gaze.

"You were swimming in your underwear?" Jay staggered, his green eyes widening a little.

I gave him a sheepish smile and nodded ever so slightly, honestly I was just as surprised as he was.

I started to walk backwards, being careful not to slip on the wet rocks and grass.

"Why are you w-?"

"Walking backwards?" I said, finishing Theo's question. "Because, if you haven't noticed already, I'm in my underwear and I don't want to worry about you staring at my ass."

They both didn't even try to deny and complain about my answer, but instead shrugged and grinned.

Oh Lord.

At least they stopped going at each others throat...

I managed to make it back to my pile of clothes and quickly slipped on the hoodie, which thankfully covered my ass and reached mid-thigh. It was then I realised that it was Theo's hoodie I'd been wearing the entire day since I left the hospital. The colours of the sunset decorating the sky made me realise what a really long day it had been.

"I'm leaving, you coming or not?" Jay sighed, turning to leave.

"We came here by my car, so that's how we're going back." Theo replied instantly, regarding him coldly.

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