The BlackShadowed Pack

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"You definitely stole my socks!" Jay argued, making me roll my eyes at him.

We just got off a two hour flight, where we were kindly given a flight package that included socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a cookie. Since Jay misplaced his socks at the beginning of the flight, he's adamant that I've stolen his.

I had to deal with his whining for a whole two hours. I even begged some of the pack members, who was on the flight with us, to switch seats with me.

None of them were willing to give up their seats, especially if they have to move and sit next to their moody future Alpha.

I've been looking forward to this day since last week, when Magnus gave us his permission. It was only when the plane landed, I felt quite nervous.

"I carefully placed my socks in front of me, got up to go the restroom and when I came back it wasn't there! Who else would dare to steal my socks, other than you?" Jay questioned, as he walked towards the baggage carousel.

I sighed contemplating whether I should reply back or not.

"I told you already! I didn't even see your socks, let alone take them!" I shot back him as I spotted my suitcase on the baggage carousel.

The four other pack members also spotted their suitcases and picked them up. Yes, that's right. Four!

Usually, only two pack members travel with me to other packs, but Kaitlyn was very strict about how many were to accompany us. I glanced at Jay, wondering if he has his suitcase.

Just then, he picked up a black suitcase from the carousel and made his way towards us.

The four pack members, Jay and I walked through the airport until we got to the main arrival section. This is where a BlackShadowed pack member is supposed to meet us and take us to their territory.

We walked into the huge lobby-like area where people were stood waiting with signs, names written on them.

I picked up an unfamiliar scent of a wolf in the crowd of humans, making me tense up. Jay and the rest of us also tensed up as they picked up the scent.

Jay walked in front of us, following the scent which led him to a red-headed man holding a sign that said 'Jayden Steel'. I noticed that one of his arms was fully tatted up, due to his sleeves being rolled up and was noticeably tall, compared to everyone else.

The man backed up enough to get out of the crowd, which allowed us to manoeuvre our way towards the exit. He obviously picked up on our scents and was sure that we were the pack members visiting.

He curtly nodded his head before walking out the exit with us right on his tail. He didn't say a word since he saw us, making Jay and I exchange confused looks.

We followed him, pulling our suitcases, towards a huge black jeep. The red-head helped us to put our baggage in the trunk and slid into the driver's seat. He patiently waited for us to choose our seats and drove off as soon as we become comfortable.

There was silence for quite a while, no one dared to speak because it felt so awkward. I didn't know what to focus on, so I just stared at the man's hair. It was a very dark red, not the natural ginger-red colour I've seen.

He must've dyed his hair, although I've not come across many wolf who like to dye their hair. We had been on the highway for about fifteen minutes before the red-headed man decided to speak up.

"My name is Kobi." He said, looking into the rear-view mirror. I looked at him feeling surprised and couldn't help what came out of my mouth next.

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